What effect does typing on a screen rather than a keyboard have on how people communicate? essay sample



As a traditional keyboard evolved to a touchscreen, mobile devices appeared much more functional and handy. Texting became increasingly fast and surfing the net – much easier. Cell-phones with a keyboard seem rather obsolete to most of us now because they do not allow to navigate quickly and have few functions as compared to the smartphones.

Does touchscreen really affect the way we communicate? Even we do not notice the consequences, it does. In the first place, we prefer texting to any other form of communication. People do not frequently make calls if they can just type their message quickly. While texting, we communicate using specific abbreviations and contractions. Getting used to all these peculiarities of text messages, we sometimes fail to express our thought verbally because we just cannot recollect proper words. Not even to mention mistakes. Literacy is not a priority of text messages as the content is clear anyway. However, misunderstanding based on mistypes still happen.

Conservative individuals find it weird to substitute fulfilling communication with empty texting. Some people suppose that digital progress has not changed our interaction for the better. Text messages look like a feeble substitution to phone calls, and surfing the web via smartphone is not as convenient as doing it with a laptop. Probably, touchscreen increased human dependence on social networks as they do not need a computer to look through their news-feed on Facebook.

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