What is and should the role of politicians in socializing through campaigning? essay sample



Socializing must be the major goal of political campaigns which are designed specifically for popularization and promotion of a certain political figure in the society. The more politicians come to a contact with the community, the higher are their chances to win the elections. Even today, in the digital age, people still expect politicians to campaign in their cities and answer numerous questions of public and media.

All participants of the elections are aware how essential it is to interact with the electorate. However, in such huge countries as the US, it is objectively difficult to manage. Normally, the states support either republicans or democrats so that the candidates got used to campaigning only in certain states but not in the others. Such a system prevents qualitative socialization as the electorate encourages communication with only one of the candidates.

In all times, politicians tried to avoid enlightenment of their weak points and put a bigger stress on the promises based on the demand of the electorate. This evidence also indicates towards poor socializing. As a rule, politicians are willing to make as little contact with their electorate as possible to avoid being asked awkward questions about their finances or attitudes on controversial topics. Perhaps, politicians shall be more open to the public which will help them to receive more appreciation of the society.

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