Merits and demerits of media for a society? essay sample



The mass media continues to expand its influence on more different social groups with every year. As radio and television appeared, people achieved alternative ways to receive news than traditional newspapers and magazines. After the social media emerged, even youngsters became interested in political and social issues they never cared about before. Thus, newspapers (printed ones and online resources), radio, television, and social networks remain to be the strongest pillars of the gigantic media industry.

Society both benefits and suffers consuming the content provided by the major media. First of all, its greatest merit is a momentary transmission of the breaking news within the biggest countries of the world. Media enabled equal access to information for most people irrespective of their location. Satellite transmission allows media to be popular as it has never been before. Finding out more advantages of the media, it is important to mention that various sources cover the same story from different angles. It is a positive aspect because people can contrast different stories to achieve more unbiased view to the events. However, it implies a little negative flavor as people easily become confused and do not know which source is trustworthy.

The negative impact of media concerns sources being limited to the one point of view. This characteristic feature can be nurtured by corrupted owners who are interested in the lopsided enlightenment of the events. Moreover, media owners are certainly oriented on making bigger money out of their business which negatively affects the quality of the content.

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