How cross-cultural media transformation destroys the culture of a particular society? essay sample



The twenty-first century can be characterized by the overwhelming globalization which has penetrated even into the previously isolated regions of our planet by this time. Cross-cultural relations became mundane in most dimensions of economic and social life including business, education, entertainment, medical treatment and many others. Cultural sphere of life has changed as well. Speaking about popular culture, we do not imply a set of values associated with any specific culture anymore.

The major problem with the destruction of cultures which the researchers claim to take place in the recent decades concerns blurring of cross-cultural merges and crash of the unique traditions. The mass media play a special role in this process. Online media sources and social networks popularize trends worldwide, and specific social and cultural groups gradually assimilate with millions of people around the world. Certainly, some nationalities thoroughly protect their cultural identity which allows them to remain immune to the globalization processes. But anyway, the general tendency will soon lead us to the global cultural assimilation.

On the one hand, cultural destruction is a very precise term to explain the ongoing process – the largest cultural groups will succeed thousands of smaller but still authentic pieces of knowledge around the world. On the other hand, uniform societies have higher chances to get along with any strange community which underwent globalization in a similar way. Consequently, there is no use to blame cross-cultural media and other means of borrowing global experience in causing fierce cultural destruction. Anyway, some cultural assimilation is essential in the world where all progressive societies communicate with each other.


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