What is the effect on learning when students do most of their work reading from a computer or tablet rather than paper and books? essay sample



Reading texts from electronic devices can be just as comfortable as reading a paper book. While reading from the computer is not convenient for everyone, benefits of tablets and e-book reading devices are eminent. They do not strain the eye muscles and may contain thousands of books. People of all age-groups appreciate this innovation and even elderly population willingly adopt the habit of e-reading. But students are still the first to substitute heavy and shabby manuals with an ergonomic tablet.

The link between reading from electronic devices and academic progress seems to be rather vague. Students who read a lot will always show better academic achievements no matter whether they do it with a paper or electronic book. Yet, computers and tablets may provide a distraction from studying especially when bored students decide that they would better surf the internet or check the Facebook account. Nonetheless, those students who possess good self-discipline and concentration have no difficulties and learn fast with their devices.

Moving away from paper books, children, perhaps, are likely to show even better academic progress. The internet is full of articles and scanned paper books so that students have an access to the widest range of resources today. It is not necessary to go to the library when we can have everything we need on our device. Optimization of time and our own energy is a prior demand for successful preparation to classes in the digital age.

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