What effect does being labeled “gifted and talented” have on students? essay sample



Diligent students are always appreciated by their teachers. But sometimes it is not enough to be hard-working: teachers like to see children making progress in their classes in the first place. There is a gradation of student’s talent. Some of them show prominent results in most disciplines they take and extracurricular activities while the others are skillful in some particular sciences, for example, in math. Teachers usually encourage gifted students to continue at the same pace and make them an example for the rest of the group.

It is clear that students called talented can use inequality and prejudice among the peers. All teachers have different approaches to straight-A students, but the prevailing number of educators unintentionally pays much more attention to the talented kids than to average ones. However, it makes sense – teachers are just pleased to interact with brainy students. But still, their not so prominent peers may feel ignored if teachers give all their attention and admiration only to talented ones.

Talented students treat their status differently as well. Some of them start paying less attention to their education as soon as they are praised by teachers. Others just continue working on their goals. Outstanding students usually continue their education at colleges and start a scientific activity after that. For many of these children, being labeled as “gifted” is a potent motivation to become successful. Timid children are always afraid of being judged by other people. As soon as teachers  consider them gifted, students obtain more confidence.

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