What is the most effective way to discipline a child? essay sample



Teaching children to behave may look like some incredible task many parents and parents-to-be are anxious about. It becomes especially challenging if adults do not know how to approach the child without offending kids or doing any other harm. There is another category of parents who are convinced that there is nothing in education which tough love cannot handle. However, spanking is not only an ineffective, it often contains the hidden danger as it is really difficult to predict what experiencing even mild violence can grow into.

Misbehavior normally happens when children are overexcited, bored or tired. And it is not their fault that they cannot stay attentive for a long time or keep calm as long as their parents ask them to be. Successful parents have to understand how important it is to organize the time of their kids smartly. So, the first thing they shall do if the kid misbehaves – not to become angry at them.

Trying to cope with the nasty behavior, it is useful to refer to the method of logical consequences. When the child breaks the toy, there will be nothing to play with. If the kid throws sweets all over the kitchen, there will be nothing left to eat. Parents shall never forget to show their children that every their action or decision makes an impact upon themselves or other people. Guided by this simple principle, adults will make it much easier to cope with tantrums and misdeeds.

Another common cause for child’s misbehavior is parents inability to explain their expectations. Adults shall always make it clear why they want kids to do something and why it is so important that children cooperate with the adults. It is frequently possible to provide some moral or tangible incentive if the child behaves as it was agreed.

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