How can parents raise their children to have a sense of humility as opposed to entitlement? essay sample


It is likely that most parents have noticed that sometimes children can be too much selfish. They constantly concentrate on their own needs and desires without realizing that everyone around has some needs and expectations too. Children express their sense of entitlement so often that adults consider doing something wrong with their upbringing.

Spoiling a child by allowing them too much is a common error in the parental education. From the early years, parents get used to cherishing kids like the apple of their eye. Indeed, maintaining child’s well-being when they are still very dependent on parents is crucial and cannot be ignored by the loving family. But as children grow older, it is same important to teach them being caring and thankful to other people.

Referring to the sound trends in education, it is necessary to mention some moderate restrictions imposed on what children may get. It is crucial for little kids to understand that having a tantrum is not a way to achieve everything they want. It is impossible to always do what we want because all adults normally have duties and responsibilities before one another. As soon as children understand that there is another world out there which does not spin around them, kids will try to ensure parents in their ability to behave like adults too. At this moment, they usually try to help parents with daily chores as they realize that the family is a single organism which exists because every member is contributing something to the common well-being.

Generally, spoiled entitled children are the result of their parents being unable to say “no” to every little whim. That is why many parents have to revise the incentives they usually give to the children.

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