How can the government make programs such as welfare, Medicaid, and Social Security more effective? essay sample



Social programs take an inevitable part in the lives of many Americans, and it is actually impossible to imagine the society doing without programs like SNAP or Medicaid. Nevertheless, even those people who are eligible for receiving some form of aid from the federal government frequently complain that these programs are not enough effective and they can hardly make a picture of more or less prosperous society. In general, academic success of the American students has not improved,  the rate of crimes has not decreased, people continue to get miserable salaries, not even mentioning those who remain unemployed. The question is whether ineffective social programs are really guilty in all these inconsistencies?

Perhaps, it could be possible to improve the quality of social programs by the government providing a bigger funding to the social sphere. In fact, officials try to cut the money spent on the welfare programs even more every now and then. Clearly, social welfare is a heavy burden which partially lies on the taxpayers’ shoulders so that the federal government cannot much increase funding of social sphere without pressing upon the citizens.

In the modern realities, it is important to realize that the welfare programs cannot be responsible for every evil of the society. If the minimal wages does not allow households to cover their bills and living of the family it is not the problem of the poor welfare policy. Probably, it would be better for the authorities to make sure that federal employers pay the salary which is enough to cover the basic needs. It is much easier to blame the welfare in poverty and instability but it is impossible to make all these federal programs cover the other drawbacks made by the government.

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