Why is it Important to Impart Sexual Education to Young Children? essay sample

The debates on sexual education and its quality continue to drag more public attention. Modern parents are well aware of the necessity to protect their kids from potential threat brought by an early initiation in a sexual life. Abstinence-only programs have proven their obsolete non-scientific nature and were successfully succeeded by comprehensive sex education programs that teach about the use of contraception and make kids aware of potential threats.

Sexual education of children starting from the fifth grade is essential due to several key reasons.

In the first place, all parents are deeply concerned about how to ensure the health and save the life of their kids. If no sexual education is provided, more kids can get infected with sexually transmitted diseases which will immediately impact their well-being. We shall not forget about the high rate of suicides among teens with HIV/AIDS.

Another important point of sexual education is its ability to protect kids from the painful experience of poorly considered decisions. Unplanned teenage pregnancy can bring a range of nasty effects. In the first place, girls may suffer from notoriety which is easily spread among their omniscient neighbors. Next, unplanned pregnancy frequently ends up with the abortion which can be dangerous at the early age. And after all, teenage mothers stay under the enormous social and economic pressure.

With a comprehensive sexual education, teenagers have a chance of a bright future and happy family life. In developing countries, sexual education is especially important as it is the way to stop overpopulation. It is crucial to impose children the notion of a family planning which will help them to control their future life.