Why is it important to use public transport more often? essay sample


Looking at the overcrowded public transport in the morning, city dwellers cannot believe that their city has so much population. Everybody seems to get to work by bus or metro, so many people public transport contains. However, many more people drive their cars every day so that the traffic becomes difficult for all vehicles except for bikes. But most Americans who have a car prefer using it to get to their offices. This fact explains why city traffic is full of jams in prime time.

A great advantage of public transport is the ability to room more passengers using less fuel. Buses and subways help to cut the emissions burning less fuel for a single passenger. Buses also offer a picturesque view of the city landscape which is important to passengers. Some of them complain that  the subway is much worse than a bus because of the dark tunnel outside the windows. However, traveling by either of the public transport is not a pleasure in the prime time when everybody pushes their neighbors to make some room.

Many city dwellers are not yet ready to use a public transport instead of a car. They prefer comfort over spending and environmental benefits, which is a little selfish. In developed countries, the wealth of citizens does not usually correspond to the cost of their motor vehicles. Many business people and officials get to their work using bikes or public transport. That is why an alternative means of transportation is required. Our environment cannot room so many petrol-powered vehicles. Perhaps, most of us will experience the advantages of electric cars in the near future, but until then we need to cherish our resources a little bit more.

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