Watching out for animals when driving essay sample

Animals may create a dangerous situation on the road which is not always predictable. Deer or elks  jumping across the roads are just as threatening as reckless drivers, bikes, and pedestrians. Even on the highways, it is very likely that a driver will not notice a deer that is about to jump onto the ongoing car. Under the conditions of nasty weather and poor visibility, the risk of collision with a wild animal is much higher.

Apparently, there are few helpful methods which make animals beware the highways. Roadside reflectors reduce the number of accidents to some extent, but there is practically no other way to keep wildlife off the roads. The safety of driver and passengers, therefore, depends on the driver themselves. To avoid a possible collision with a wild animal, drivers shall pay attention to the road signs which signalize the danger. On the potentially dangerous segments of the road, drivers need to reduce speed and put on high beam in the nighttime. The driver and passengers shall be attentive and watch for wildlife nearby them. There is an evidence that drivers tend to notice the hazard from the right side better than from the left. A deer jumping from the opposite side may scare even those who attentively observe the highway in front of them.

If a collision with wildlife is unavoidable, drivers tend to swerve, which is not always safe. In such cases, it is always better to use breaks instead of a wheel to avoid collision with other vehicles or going into the ditch. Electronic stability control devices help drivers to manage the vehicle in case they loose control over it.

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