Water conservation in the world essay sample

The scarcity of fresh water is a real threat, which concerns all users of natural resources on the planet. Most of the world’s water is salt, and the remaining freshwater is frozen in ice caps. Only a minuscule part of all water on the earth can be used for human needs. Scarcity is especially vivid in sub-Saharan Africa which drove the population into poverty.

Apparently, people have not yet learned how to use water wisely as the huge amount is wasted because of the leaks. Deforestation is another reason which hinders capturing, purifying, and accumulating water in the soil. Forested areas are one of the major fresh water suppliers which cannot satisfy the rising demand for it. Pollution makes water unavailable for direct consumption or recreation. However, scarcity of drinking water is not always a human’s fault. Climate change limits the amount of fresh water on the earth. Today the Mediterranean and South African regions have fewer rainfalls than usually.

Conservation of the fresh water is a global activity that concerns every single user of this resource. Each of us shall start the evaluation of fresh water from their own household. Elimination of leaks, installing flow-reducers, turning the water off while brushing teeth are only a few measures that reduce water which runs unnoticed. Household devices shall have labels which confirm their environmental benefits. It is also great to donate to the NGOs which do their best to supply scarce regions with a necessary amount of drinking water.

On the broader scale, reforestation and preservation of water in wild nature is essential. Industrial sector shall face higher environmental standards so that the government can control spillage of wastes into watersheds.

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