Why kids should do volunteer work essay sample



Volunteering is the activity which reminds us how essential is to give. Running for a bright career prospect or working hard to store money, we accustomed to benefiting ourselves. Treating the others with hostility, people show the wrong example to their children who feel that their own well-being is a foremost priority. It is essential for most of the parents to ingrain the sense of community well-being to their children. It is not giving away the money we desperately need, but rather an improvement our own well-being through benefiting to the well-being of others.

First of all, volunteering may teach children to be compassionate. People and animals in need shall have a little more kindness from the individuals surrounding them. Working with people who are close to the bottom of society, children realize how lucky they are to have a safe home, working parents, and sustainable food every day. Children who volunteer also have an opportunity to learn how this world works. They quickly discover that harmful habits, poor education, and unstable job are crucial for their well-being. Caring for senior citizens or injured animals, kids discover the sense of responsibility. Some young people become interested in their sphere of volunteering, and this experience can influence their choice of future career.

Community service is an excellent option for a child to spend their leisure time. The opportunity to be useful boost their self-esteem and sense of satisfaction with what they do. It would be great to volunteer if parents cannot constantly watch their children and do not want them to spend time gaming or hanging out in the street. Many children will find their previous experience of volunteering useful as soon as they become high school graduates.

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