Why One Should (or Shouldn’t) Get a Job While in High School essay sample

The rate of employment among high school and college students in the US reaches 10-15 percent at the present moment. The number of working students reduced due to various economic factors over the last years. Nevertheless, a certain number of students work unofficially and are not registered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Such a reduction met an ambiguous reaction of the community as having a job after classes students may both contribute and harm their future life.

On the one hand, the earlier students get used to working, the more aware they become of the adult life. Economists say that people who became employed yet during high-school have better chances to earn more in future. They acquire basics of critical thinking, problem-solving, crisis management, communication with clients etc. Which is more, an early employment enhances a drive to entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, even ambitious students may find it difficult to combine work with schooling. Researchers have found that students who work 15 to 20 hours per week inevitably decrease in academic performance. They frequently sacrifice their night sleep to get ready with the homework. Time management is very important for those who decide to earn money themselves.

Before getting employed, high school students need to thoroughly consider the impact of their decision on everyday life. Perhaps, kids who are not constantly ahead in their schooling need to pay more attention to education and leave the idea of having a job for future. But why should not kids get employed and work themselves if they can perfectly manage with home assignments after working hours?

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