The Best Jobs for Students essay sample



Having a part-time job is a nice opportunity for a student to earn a little money or experience in their field. Certainly, most high school and college students want to have their own salary and spend it at their own discretion even if their parents pay for campus and tuition. Experience is another crucial thing which will help future graduates to become attractive applicants to their potential employers. But the range of jobs which can be taken on the part-time basis is quite limited and it is also important that their salary was not too low even for a student.

It would be nice for students to chose a part-time job within their future profession. Thus, students of medical colleges can work as junior nurses or massage therapists. Some clinics and hospitals cooperate with state colleges which make it possible for future healthcare workers to start gaining experience. Future teachers can similarly become tutors for kids who have difficulties at school or cannot prepare for important examination alone. Besides, there are various charity fundraisers, social media assistants, online researchers, content editors, night auditors who have basic knowledge in a specific field which allows managers to hire them.

And of course, students shall not oversee easily reached jobs in the retail or catering. Working as a consultant in stores may correspond students’ interests, for example, if they sell gadgets or clothes. Serving at bars and catering at the parties seems trivial, however, it may be useful for developing

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