The Worst Jobs for Students essay sample

Students who work in their free time know how challenging it is to combine a job with education. For this reason, they need to be sure that they at least earn enough to provide for their life on campus. Not even to mention some hours to rest from a straining self-study. Unfortunately, numerous jobs oriented at students do not offer more than $9 per hour which makes students doubt whether the job is worse those time they are going to spend on it. Which is more, some typical students occupations are not safe; they pose a threat to person’s health and drive their parents mad.

Among the most unsuitable student’s jobs, the first place take occupations which require late night delivery or work alone in cash-based businesses. Making deliveries for parties in the late hour, students are easy targets for street thieves, criminals on the loose, and drunk peers. Similarly, working alone at the facilities which are not properly guarded in the night time, students risk being robbed.

Jobs which require exposure to hot or dangerous substances are unsuitable for students as well. Aluminum smelter or recycling facilities provide kids with a dose of toxic fumes and miserable wage at the same time. Even fast food restaurants may not be so ideal as most of us think because the possibility of cuts and burns during the non-stop production is very high.

After all, some jobs available to students in their free time are just unbearable. Walking in the heavy and ridiculous costumes and spreading leaflets may be boring and humiliating. The same refers to telephone services where students need to contact clients to be yelled at and accused of all faults of their company.