Schools Should Have Placement Programs to Help Students Get Part Time Jobs essay sample



For many students having a part-time job is an important condition for living on campus. Education and life far away from parents are appealing from the perspective of student’s independence but they also drag more expenses than people expect. To keep control of their new life, students sacrifice their free time in favor of a job. Working after classes may seem disappointing, nevertheless, even a small salary is quite comforting.

Students usually search for a job on their own or together with peers. However, some colleges have specialized career centers which establish contacts with potential employers for their future graduates. Such centers are helpful if students cannot decide which path they should choose after passing their final exams. But, perhaps, career centers could provide information about deserving and lucrative part-time jobs available in the area.

As a part-time job is an essential part of student’s life, schools and colleges shall work on exploring the job market and connecting students with employers. In the first place, this is a great help for students, and next, it is a precaution which will protect students from dishonest employers. Nevertheless, there is a range of potentially dangerous occupations such as construction which are available on the part-time basis. If colleges are interested in the safety of their students, they have to provide opportunities to find legal and accessible jobs.

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