Why Students With Jobs Should Have More Time for Assignments essay sample


Every high-school or college graduate who once had a part-time job knows how difficult it is to combine curriculum with work. Teachers frequently report that those teenagers who work in their free time dropped in their performance even if they are smart students. They blame a constant lack of time which creates no room for students to do their home assignments and self-study. Indeed, working students hardly have time for a night sleep between work and education. Nevertheless, few teachers are willing to move their deadlines so that students could keep up with their projects on weekends.

Teachers usually like to criticize desperate students who multitask but still cannot pass their projects in time and remain steadfast in their views. As the college curriculum is very intense, perhaps, it could be possible for professors and senior teachers to make little encouragement for those who work in their free time. If students spend the rest of the day developing useful skills instead of procrastinating, why is not it an excuse to have an extra day or two?

The number of students who combine education with work has dropped in the last years. Inability to  meet teachers’ demands is a potent fact which restrains students from work. Most teenagers clearly understand that their parents are paying a small fortune for their university degree. It would be at least disrespectful to drop out of university because of a part-time job. Consequently, students have a choice, and most of them choose education. Perhaps, if teachers were not so strict, more students would succeed in combining work and self-study.