Environmental risk assessment essay sample

Trying to reach the objectives of Europe 2020, a strategy on the economy and sustainable development of European countries, policy makers pay major attention to environmental risk assessment. Clearly, present-day industries frequently overlook the consequences of their activity on the natural and social environment for the sake of high profits. For this reason, an additional regulatory measure is required. Environmental risk assessment is applied to check the quality of food in Europe. European Food Safety Authority pays close attention to GMO and chemicals such as insecticides. Risk assessment is performed according to the relevant EU legislation.

An important part of environmental risk assessment, according to EFSA, is the evaluation of the harm done by pesticides. These substances can be allowed by the food authority only if they do not contain any components harmful to humans or animals. Whereas, the amount of toxic substance is measured not only in the product itself but also in the water and soil as it can easily enter the food chain and contaminate other plants.

The release of GMO in the environment is another serious issue considered by European Food Safety Authority. The assessment provided by the GMO Panel can show possible side effects of GM organisms on plants and animals. Obviously, GM enters the food chain even easier than chemicals; scientists claim that modified genes are highly resistant and can be transmitted with water on large distances, No wonder, European food authority treats GMO with the extreme suspicion. EFSA has already started work on the assessment of animals, fish, and insects that consume GM plants.

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