Social responsibility of business essay sample


Businesses are unities that aim at making profit, and this is the core target of their owners. But even the smallest businesses do not exist in the vacuum – they pay taxes for their society and employ staff to work for them. They take raw materials to produce goods or construct facilities to recycle their byproducts. Businesses do it because they have responsibilities. Social and environmental responsibilities are the core issues for companies because they create reputation among consumers and employees. The relation to the social and natural environment is an essential condition without which no business can successfully operate and make profit.

Taking social responsibility, businesses are obliged to contribute to society as a whole and to the staff they have employed in particular. It is also known as corporate social responsibility, and it does not depend on the requirement of federal or state regulators. Corporate social responsibility may come in different forms. Small businesses frequently find it useful to benefit to local well-being or invest some part of their income in education, infrastructure or environmental services. Large businesses donate money to NGOs or charity. Usually, social and environmental responsibility come alongside. Businesses create a comprehensive positive image by implementing some eco-friendly concepts and providing good conditions for their employees.

Social responsibility does not only increase the number of clients. Showing a steady social support, companies also attract investors. Stability is always appreciated in the business environment, and the ability of businesses to stay and make profit in a partnership. Taking responsibility shall be a voluntary step as obligations imposed by the higher ups do not reflect the intentions of businesses to   benefit to their environment.