Education and funding essay sample

  Schools are usually of two types: public and private. Public schools are funded by the state or the government. Parents provide most of the funding in private schools. There are pros and cons regarding which school to send your child to. There is a general belief that private schools give their students more opportunities… Read More →

Distance education essay sample

  Distance education is beneficial for many reasons. You can get a degree at a chosen college while studying from home. What is more, the cost for studying is usually lower. Apart from that, there is no need to move to another city. Even if you don’t have to do that, there is no need… Read More →

College tuition planning essay sample

  To begin with, a 529 plan is an investment plan that encourages savings for future higher education expenses. All withdrawals for qualified educational purposes are tax-free. There are two types of 529 plans. The first one is a prepaid tuition plan. This plan allows to pre-purchase tuition that is based on today’s rates and… Read More →

Charter schools essay sample

  A charter school is an educational institution that receives public funding but functions independently from the established public school system within which it is located. These schools are an example of alternative education. Charter schools have more freedom to be independent. Yet, they still remain public schools and it presupposes that they are open… Read More →

Attention deficit disorder essay sample

  Obviously, each of us gets distracted from time to time. Sometimes we daydream or cannot concentrate on some urgent task. Eventually, we manage to deal with it. However, there are people who cannot control it. They cannot concentrate on anything, find it hard to sit, always have the urge to interrupt someone. It is… Read More →

Drunk driving essay sample

  Drunk driving increases the risk of having an accident. Every 53 minutes someone gets killed because of drunk driving. One of the most problematic aspects in this respect is repeat offenders. To be more specific, it is one third of the whole problem. Take into account the fact that we share the road with… Read More →

Drug testing essay sample

  A drug test is conducted in order to determine whether specified parent drugs or their metabolites are present or absent in your body. The analysis is made with the help of taking biological specimen, such as saliva, urine, sweat, hair or blood. The most common grounds for taking a drug test are as follows:… Read More →

Doping in sports essay sample

  Doping in sports is a serious issue not only because it can put the athlete’s career at risk. It has some very negative consequences for health. Besides, doping is equal to cheating which contradicts the actual spirit of any kind of sport. Apart from that, one should take into account that a professional athlete… Read More →

Three Strikes Law essay sample

  What is a three strikes law? It is the statute of the United States state governments to impose harsher charges on those offenders that commit a third offense after being convinced with two prior ones. These offenders are commonly referred to as habitual offenders. The idea of this law is to keep criminal offenders,… Read More →

Sexual harassment essay sample

  Sexual harassment is a request for sexual favors which will be a reward for something that one person has asked another person of. Obviously, it is illegal, inappropriate and unwelcome. Sadly, it is common practice for workplaces, especially on those situations when one is applying for a job. You are promised to get a… Read More →

Sex crimes essay sample

  Sex crimes are the ones that involve sexual conduct against individual’s will. The main categories include: rape, sexual harassment, child pornography, sexual abuse, incest and sexual violence. One of the main difficulties in dealing with such type of crime is that the laws vary from state to state. Undoubtedly, all states have laws that… Read More →

Serial killers essay sample

  The psyche of a serial killer is complex. You never know what to expect. Surely, their motives are unclear to average people because of the fact that their perception of the world is totally different. Yet, the most common motives include: humiliation, fear of rejection, childhood trauma or abuse, desire to control and dominate… Read More →

Roe vs. Wade essay sample

  Roe was a pregnant single woman who brought class action suit that challenged the constitutionality of abortion laws in Texas. The essence of these laws is as follows: it was a crime to make an abortion or at least attempt to make an abortion except when it was advised by the doctor so that… Read More →

Police brutality essay sample

  Police brutality is the excessive use of force by a police officer. It is usually done physically. However, verbal attacks as well as psychological intimidation are also frequent. Even though a lot of countries prosecute policy brutality, it still exists. Other forms of police brutality include: intimidation, racial profiling, false arrest, surveillance and sexual… Read More →

The sociology of violence essay sample

  What is the most important aspect regarding such topic as the sociology of violence? Perhaps, the way in which the society can actually influence a particular person to become violent is of great significance in this respect. The first thing to take into consideration is that we see violence everyday: on TV, in the… Read More →

Evaluation research essay sample

  The first thing you need to know about the evaluation research is that it is a specific branch of social research. To be more specific, standard social research methods are used for evaluative aims. As soon as you get down to the actual research, you will find out that there are different evaluative research… Read More →

Victimology essay sample

  As you have already realized, victimology is a branch of criminology. This area focuses on the study of the relationship between the offender and the victim. To be more specific, the nature of the relationship is studied in detail as well as the causes that have led to such turn of events. What is… Read More →

Technology and the environment essay sample

  Well, our world is constantly changing which is the reason why we have already achieved a lot. What is more, the field of technology is one of those areas which is developing very fast. As a result, a lot of people are no longer supposed to work physically. The majority of the population of… Read More →

The sociology of knowledge essay sample

  To begin with, you need to learn about the notion of sociology of knowledge as well as what it stands for. Thus, the connection between the social context and the human thought is the main idea which the sociology of knowledge focuses on. Apart from that, this area of sociological studies is concentrated on… Read More →

Popular culture essay sample

  When the issue of popular culture is discussed, the easiest thing to do is to provide an example. You are definitely familiar with this notion even though you may not consider yourself to be the fan of it. The thing is that popular culture is all around us and everyone is familiar with it…. Read More →