Machine learning essay sample

    The idea that machines shall learn through experience still looks ambitious to many of us. Taking the limited abilities of artificial intelligence, we expect machines to do exceptionally what they are programmed to. However, the evolution of machines and especially software brought engineers a new hope. It appears that machines can learn from… Read More →

Behavioral health essay sample

    Maintaining a strong behavioral health is critical to one’s well-being. Behavioral health is close to mental health, but while the latter covers a broad range of psychological issues, behavioral problems have a neurological or biological reason. While one’s behavior has a strong connection to character and personality, many people cannot control their behavior…. Read More →

Patriot Act essay sample

  USA PATRIOT stands for Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism act of 2001. It is an Act of Congress that has been signed by George W. Bush on October 26, 2001. President Barack Obama signed PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Action of 2011 on May 26, 2011. It… Read More →

Hate crimes essay sample

  What is the definition of hate crime? It is also known as bias-motivated crime which is usually highly motivated and prejudice-based. The victim is targeted merely because she or he belongs to a certain community or social group that the offender dislikes. The common examples of such social groups are: gender identity, language, ethnicity,… Read More →

Gun control essay sample

  The issue of gun control has always been at the forefront. Naturally, people are divided into two large groups: those who are against it and those who are for it. Each of these groups has a lot to say. Advocates of gun control support their point of view by mentioning a huge number of… Read More →

Drug legalization essay sample

  Whenever there is a heated discussion about drug legalization, the first question to pop up is: why legalize drugs? The main reason to do it is that these days drug dealers have monopoly over selling drugs. As a result, it makes them so valuable. The only way to get drugs is to go to… Read More →

Legal drinking age essay sample

  Obviously, legal drinking age differs from country to country. Yet, such laws usually apply only to drinking alcohol at public places. The United Kingdom is the only country that prohibits drinking alcohol at home under a certain age. Speaking about the average minimum legal drinking age, it is 15.9. Most counties have set the… Read More →

Civil rights essay sample

  Most of us live in democratic countries which gives us the opportunity to exercise the following civil rights: freedom of speech; freedom of press; the right to vote; the right to be treated equally in all private places and freedom from involuntary servitude. The major problem regarding this issue is that the minorities are… Read More →

Capital punishment essay sample

  The system of capital punishment is considered to be discriminatory as it violates the Constitutional ban against unusual and cruel punishment. Lots of organizations these days work towards abolishing capital punishment. In the United States of America 18 states have already abolished death penalty. Canada has done the same. Apart from the fact that… Read More →

Campus violence essay sample

  In the past ten years there has been an increasing number of campus violence situations which include: robbery, assaults, rape and murder. Even though campus seems to be a close-knit community, it appears to be a unity with its own problems which are not that easy to deal with. Taking into account the fact… Read More →

Assisted suicide essay sample

  Assisted suicide is an issue for heated debate. How can we know whether it is right or wrong? Obviously, one should take into account the desire of the sick person or his family but there is still a lot to discuss in this respect. The advocates of euthanasia state that every competent human has… Read More →

Acquaintance rape essay sample

  Acquaintance rape is also called ‘date rape’ or ‘hidden rape’. The main difference here is that the person is known to the victim. It can be the person they date, classmate, their spouse, family member, co-worker, employer etc. It is a serious issue that has been at the forefront recently. One of the main… Read More →

White collar crime essay sample

  The definition of a white collar crime is as follows: it is a wide range of crimes which involve deceit and financial gain. These crimes are typically non-violent. Yet, they obviously have their consequences. The most common white collar crimes are: tax fraud, embezzlement and money laundering. There is also computer fraud which has… Read More →

Sweatshops essay sample

  To begin with, a sweatshop is a term used to describe a workplace with socially unacceptable working conditions. It may either be some difficult, dangerous or low-paid work. People usually have to work long hours for minimum wage. Children are most likely to work in such places as well. A sweatshop is a workplace… Read More →

Outsourcing essay sample

  Outsourcing is common practice these days. Lots of companies use outsourcing to reduce costs as a huge amount of work can be done remotely. Besides, there is no need to pay rent for office space in such a way. Apart from that, many qualified specialists enjoy being freelancers which is why you cannot possibly… Read More →

Online retail essay sample

  Online shopping has taken over the whole world. There is no need to go the mall when you can sit at home in a comfortable chair, order goods and wait for them to be delivered right to your door. It takes less time and effort. What is more, it is really simple. When one… Read More →

Glass ceiling essay sample

  The term ‘glass ceiling’ means an unbreakable barrier that prevents the minorities and women from rising to the upper levels in their career, no matter how qualified they are. Obviously, this term is used metaphorically to highlight the existing inequality on the job market. Even though a lot of progress has been made in… Read More →

Home schooling essay sample

  As any other issue, home schooling has its pros and cons. On the one hand, there is no need to go to school as you can get professional teachers come to you. What is more, the result will be the same as there is no difference where to gain knowledge. Apart from that, it… Read More →

Hazing essay sample

  Hazing is a term used to describe the practice of various activities or rituals that usually include abuse, harassment or humiliation. Such activity usually endangers the physical, academic or mental health of a student. What is more, it causes discomfort, creates risk to an individual or a group, serves to cause embarrassment and involves… Read More →

Greek letter societies essay sample

    Fraternity and sorority is a huge part of social life at very college or university. It creates the feeling of community and belonging. Students are a part of some prestigious group which makes them feel unique. At Dartmouth college Greek organizations and societies are a great part of student life. One of their… Read More →