Annotated bibliographies for ADHD essay sample

  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is a mental disorder which is characterized by excessive activity, problems with focusing and paying attention as well as the difficulty to control one’s behavior which is not typical for a person’s age.  The consequences of not treating this disorder include poor school performance as well as impairment… Read More →

Should all brands use social media accounts? essay sample

Using social media account is as important for business as having an informative website. Social media are the place where companies find new clients and engage the loyal ones in interaction. A website is a basic essential in running business, but the brand page on social media is even more relevant today. In some cases,… Read More →

Techniques of making healthy eating more popular essay sample

Healthy eating is in vogue but only for those who believe in its healing potential without questions. They are either young people trying to keep fit or older adults coping with health issues. Everyone else is generally aware of the benefits of healthy eating but they do not rush to change their old habits. In… Read More →

How to find a balance between usefulness and taste essay sample

We typically divide food into what is useful and what is tasty. Here we have a disturbing controversy; useful food can hardly be tasty, while everything delicious we usually find in the nearest fast food restaurant. It is impossible to combine them both unless only you are an apathetic eater. Another solution to the problem of… Read More →

How do cooking skills impact eating habits? essay sample

Lately, cooking has transformed from the daily choir into an elaborate hobby. Today it is more common for TV producers than for ordinary family people to get interested in various cooking trends. When not inspired by Hell’s Kitchen, we cook mostly semi-products and snacks in a microwave oven. Recalling cooking skills of our grandmothers, we… Read More →

The role of theatrical skills and acting abilities in dancing essay sample

Performing arts aim to convey a certain message to the audience. It is especially important in theater dances, such as ballet or modern dance. They are a part of a greater performance that also involves acting and playing live music. When in theater, dancers become fully-fledged actors. Their body movement is not the only thing… Read More →

The influence of costumes on the perception of dance essay sample

Dance is a visual art of expression, and the dancer’s general look plays a critical role in the success of the show. There are different costumes for every kind of dance; their fashion always depends on the origin of the dance, its music, and purpose. A folk dance requires a national historic attire of the… Read More →

The place of plastic plays in modern theater essay sample

A plastic play looks very much like a traditional theatrical performance. Except for the actors tell no lines. Someone calls it the “theater of silence” for actors express their feelings and intentions through the movement. It makes plastic theater closer to ballet and contemporary dance. Here you can see actors speaking their body language, with… Read More →

Why it is much easier for the audience to perceive films than plays? essay sample

With the fast development of cinematography, the audience shifted their preferences from stage to screen performance. We like movies so much that we often ignore what is going to the local theater. Actually, there are many more interesting plays than old “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth”, and “King Lear”. British theater is just splendid with their… Read More →

Social media marketing essay sample

    Lately, businesses sufficiently improved customers experience and they did it with social media marketing. We can hardly find a company that does not use social media to promote themselves because the websites like Facebook or YouTube have the greatest concentration of the existing and potential customers. Some social media allow to achieve practically… Read More →

Consumer-generated marketing essay sample

    Marketing strategies are often generated according to the needs of consumers. It does not matter how brilliant one’s strategy looks, it is worth nothing if it does not touches consumers. Today people care most about online comments and reviews. They tend to believe information on the web even more than the experience of… Read More →

Buying behavior of customers essay sample

    Today we do not need a particular stimulus to buy something. We can go shopping just because we feel like it, and our income usually allows to purchase some cheap goods on impulse. It is okay if we do not need them – shopping is an effective therapy that lifts our spirits. However,… Read More →

Direct selling essay sample

    Some entrepreneurs consider direct selling to be a good marketing model for their business. It implies selling products directly from the manufacturer to consumer in a non-retail environment. Direct selling allows to avoid several middlemen involved in the distribution of the product by sending goods to one distributor or sales representative who further… Read More →

Green marketing essay sample

    Environmentalism has recently become a popular marketing strategy. More than a half of customers all over the world want to buy from socially and environmentally responsible businesses, which boosted green marketing. It refers to the process of selling goods that are eco-friendly, degradable, or produced in an eco-friendly manner. Green products do not… Read More →

Effect of advertisement on children essay sample

    Advertising is designed so that it has the maximum effect on everyone who sees it. Children are the most vulnerable group as they do not analyze what they see or hear. Ads have a powerful call to action which people can recognize from the early age. Advertising is often built on stereotypes that… Read More →