Current trends in marketing essay sample

    Leaflets and email newsletters have already become outdated and ineffective forms of advertising. Online performance marketing, mobile marketing, and partner marketing have come to succeed the old offline advertising and primitive online marketing techniques, like sending the emails no one really opens. It is much more useful to deploy social media marketing, search… Read More →

Effect of branding on consumer purchase decision essay sample

    In the world overwhelmed by brands, it becomes so difficult for us to make a decision. Plenty of brands are well-advertised and recommended on social media, and that is how companies fight for our attention. Indeed, a strong branding helps to inform a great number of new consumers about its priorities and special… Read More →

Factors that influence level of impulse buying essay sample

    Buying on impulse is a distinct feature of the 21st century. Strong advertising and a broad availability of goods make people less careful when buying whatever they need. In fact, people often cannot tell what they need. Buying on impulse, they try to compensate for their inability to choose wisely. Why stand thinking… Read More →

The effect of brand image on consumer taste preference essay sample

    All people accept brands differently because of their subjective perception. Some brands are considered cool, some others – reliable, the third kind of brands – excessively advertised. It happens because we connect brands to the advertising, experiences of other people, sales statistics etc. In many cases, a brand image is formed due to… Read More →

Determinants of consumer buying behavior through mega stores essay sample

    Moving from small retail shops to large mega stores and department stores, consumers change their behavior. There is a huge chasm between being politely served by the owner of a small store and getting lost among the sky-high shelves of identical products in a superstore. Today huge stores can hardly surprise anyone. However,… Read More →

Impact of brand awareness on consumer/brand loyalty essay sample

    It would be wrong to believe that the only aim of marketing is sales. Marketing is also about doing anything that can urge people to buy products in the long-term prospect. Brand awareness definitely is one of them. In the present-day market, we have a mess of brands selling identical products. How can… Read More →

Celebrity Influence on Political Campaigns essay sample

    Celebrities participating in political races are not a new trend. Yet in the 1920s, politicians used the endorsement of film stars to get through the elections, and now the “celebrity method” is a must to win the hearts of electorate. Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of Barack Obama in the 2008 elections is known as… Read More →

Should stay-at-home moms get a salary from the government? essay sample

    Being a mom is challenging and very expensive. A survey conducted among American stay-at-home moms found out that these women work for almost 100 hours per week. If taking care of a baby was a job, women would earn lots of money for that. Daycare, housekeeping, shopping, cooking, and more duties stay on… Read More →

Does working more actually reduce productivity? essay sample

    Running for the top performance, career advancement, and the best possible salary, we spend days and nights in the workplace. Workaholism is especially inherent to Americans in their individualist and capitalist society, while most Europeans still stay immune to such a lifestyle. All of us get an advantage for working longer, but it… Read More →

Should companies allow employees to exercise on work time? essay sample

    Exercising at work is a stumbling block in a 21st century workplace. As employees become more concerned about their health, it is more difficult for employers to ignore their needs. In fact, sedentary work existed centuries ago and so did health-damaging position in the manufacturing. Now it is much safer to work in… Read More →

Mobile laser scanning technology essay sample

    Mobile 3D laser scanning technology is a new word in surveying and mapping. The scanner can measure the distance to the target illuminating it with a laser, but its main aim is to create a digital 3D model of the target. A laser captures the shape of the object, but the construction of… Read More →

Natural language processing and computational linguistics essay sample

    Natural language processing is the process of recognition of human (natural) language, its comprehension, and generation. As the ability of the computer to understand a spoken language and generate replies, NLP is a part of artificial intelligence. The development of the technology is not as fast as expected mainly because spoken human language… Read More →

Social media analysis essay sample

    Social networks contain plenty of people (or actors) who build certain links or ties. It allows us to call these websites social structures and analyze them using networks or graph theory. A sociogram obtained in the result looks like a picture with a lot of dots (actors) connected by lines (ties). Social network… Read More →

Spoken language processing essay sample

    A speech-based interaction between humans and machines has been a fiction once. Today however, it is a rapidly developing field of computing technology related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. The mechanism behind comprehending human speech is very complex, both in technology and neuroscience. Over the last 50 years, a sufficient achievement has… Read More →