Preventing and responding to sexual harassment essay sample

  To begin with, the first thing every company should do is create an anti-harassment policy and let their employees know that they are protected. In case sexual harassment occurs, the employee should be afraid to tell about that. After that the person who has done it should be punished. All employees need to know… Read More →

Defining sexual assault essay sample

  You are most definitely aware of the fact that such term as sexual assault presupposes that the person has experienced unwanted touching or rape. What is important to highlight is that every country and every state has their own criminal code regarding the definition of sexual assault. What is necessary to highlight is that… Read More →

The truth about relationship violence essay sample

  Well, the most obvious truth about relationship violence is that it exists. Therefore, the problem is that a lot of people are afraid to talk about it which is the reason why this issue is not so widely discussed. The reason why they are afraid is also very clear: they fear for their life,… Read More →

Ten tips for healthy relationships essay sample

  You are probably aware of the fact that having a healthy relationship with your partner requires a lot of hard work. The most important thing to keep in mind regarding the subject under consideration is that you need to remain honest with each other no matter what. Do not forget that any relationship presupposes… Read More →

Child labor laws essay sample

    You are clearly aware of the fact that child labor laws differ depending on the country. Yet, there is one thing which is similar for the whole world. It is of vital importance to stop child labor. That is the reason why it is so necessary to implement more child labor laws as… Read More →

Censorship in the arts essay sample

  There is no doubt that art in general is viewed by a lot of people as a category in which a person is allowed to express themselves freely. However, there are several pitfalls which should be taken into account. To begin with, a lot of that depends on the country, the city and the… Read More →

Cell phone etiquette essay sample

  It is hard to imagine our world without cell phones these days. There is always someone around you talking on the phone or using their phone. That is the reason why it is important to be familiar with cell phone etiquette so that not to distract other people while you use your phone. To… Read More →

Commuting by bicycle essay sample

  Well, there is probably no need to explain why commuting to work by bike is so advantageous. You will avoid traffic as well as enjoy the beautiful views of the city. In addition, commuting to work by bike will definitely make you healthier. Apart from that, it has been proven that riding a bike… Read More →

Animal communication essay sample

  Well, you are definitely aware of the fact that animals communicate with each other. The only thing is that it is quite difficult to comprehend how they do it. When you are working on the subject under consideration, the first thing you need to state is whether you are going to research the issue… Read More →

Alternative imprisonment essay sample

  The most common types of alternative imprisonment include transformative justice, restorative justice as well as the complete abolition of incarceration. While it is clear what the latter means, the first two need some explaining. Restorative justice presupposes that the offender has to repair the harm they have done. This may be in the form… Read More →

Adoption of wild animals essay sample

  The adoption of wild animals does not mean that you are actually going to take that animals home with you. It is dangerous and is not something that is recommended. What such kind of adoption means is that you will become the guardian of the animal which will continue living at the zoo. The… Read More →

Academic freedom essay sample

  To begin with, you need to specify what the notion ‘academic freedom’ means when you start working on this issue. So, academic freedom presupposes that both teachers and the students have the opportunity to teach and study without any law restrictions or institutional regulations. In such a way, a teacher has the opportunity to… Read More →

Abuse of medication essay sample

  When you are working on the issue of prescription drug abuse, the first thing you need to figure out is the list of drugs which are most commonly abused. Here are the examples: opioids that are used so that to treat pain; depressants to treat sleep disorders and anxiety; stimulants which are quite often… Read More →

Abandoned children essay sample

  There is no need to highlight how serious the issue of abandoned children is. That is the reason why it is important to research the subject under consideration so that to know more. In order to start working on the issue, you need to get the general idea of how bad the situation is…. Read More →

Winter blues essay sample

  Well, we have all experienced winter blues at least once in our lives. What is more, a lot of people experience seasonal depression every year. That is the reason why it is necessary to be aware of some ways in which one can cope with winter blues. To begin with, start monitoring what you… Read More →

How is college different from high school? essay sample

  The most significant difference between college and high school is the educational background. In other words, you are going to acquire more profound knowledge at college. Well, it is quite obvious as college is the logical continuation of high school. In case you want to become an expert in the field you are interested… Read More →

Reflections on college experience essay sample

    You have most definitely had one of the best experiences in your life while studying at college. Obviously, it is about being able to get a degree in the field you are interested in. Yet, it is also about meeting all those great people as well as having lots of new and exciting… Read More →

Recognizing emotional distress essay sample

  There is no doubt that recognizing that you are currently experiencing emotional distress is the first step to solving this issue. What is important to highlight in this respect is that you may not even know that you experience emotional distress. You may simply think that you have just had another bad day or… Read More →

Helping troubled students essay sample

  To begin with, the first thing every student is looking for is somebody to listen to their problems. Sometimes it is the only thing they need. Sometimes this is merely the first step. Apart from that, it is also of vital importance to identify that a student is experiencing something due to the fact… Read More →

Reasons for referral failure essay sample

    Referring a friend to an employer is one of the most common ways of hiring someone. This method which is also quite often called ‘the word of mouth’ is considered to be one of the most effective ones. However, it is not quite true even though it is the fastest way to find… Read More →