The most profitable student jobs essay sample

  It is quite obvious why so many students want to work while studies. Apart from the fact that they simply require money to exist, it is also great work experience. Besides, it might help the person realize what it means to be an adult. Here is the list of the most profitable student jobs:… Read More →

How to tackle the problem of overpopulation? essay sample

  What we are experiencing nowadays are the results of overpopulation. What is more, the population of the planet is most likely going to grow in the next few decades. That is the reason why it is important to do more in order to tackle this issue. To begin with, we need better education as… Read More →

Signs of unhealthy boundaries essay sample

  Relationships are a lot of hard work. However, it is important to remember that losing yourself too much is never a good sign as you are betraying yourself and trying to be someone you are not. So, what you should keep in mind is that there are several signs which indicate that you have… Read More →

Having common relationship goals essay sample

  Any relationship will not last long unless you have common goals. It is of great importance to understand each other, to talk to each other and figure out ways how to solve problems together. The thing is that you will not be together for long unless you share the same values. Surely, it may… Read More →

The feeling of being disconnected essay sample

  The feeling of being disconnected is what we are all familiar with as it is common to feel that way in the era of internet usage. We basically live online. There is no doubt that one can easily come up with hundreds of benefits of being so technologically developed. However, what one should also… Read More →

The death of marriage essay sample

Well, you have most definitely noticed that not that many people are rushing into marriage. What is even more interesting is that not that many people want to get married. Perhaps, the reason why that happens is that the majority wants to focus on their life nowadays. There is no doubt that we all have… Read More →

Confrontation skills essay sample

  The ability to resolve conflict is extremely important, especially nowadays when lots of people are working on various projects in groups. As a result, they have to deal with lots of situations when people’s opinions differ. Thus, it is of vital significance to be able to deal with confrontation. The first thing to take… Read More →

Learning strategies essay sample

  The most significant aspect to take into consideration when it comes to the learning process is that one method does not work for everyone. What it means is that the best option is the combination of various methods. Any learning strategy presupposes that there is going to be some sort of positive result. However,… Read More →

Problem solving tips essay sample

  No one likes solving problems. However, we do have a lot of them generally which is the reason why it is important to learn how to deal with them. Well, the most important thing to do in this respect is that to accept that you have a problem. This is the first step you… Read More →

Money management essay sample

  Why is it so important to be good at money management? Well, the most obvious reason is that you will simply know where your money goes as well as what you spend it on. In such a way, it will help you plan your expenses. What is more, it is also useful in those… Read More →

Distress symptoms essay sample

  We have learned to accept distress as a part of our normal day. However, it is dangerous to ignore signs of distress as it might turn into a serious problem later on. The first aspect to mention is that symptoms of distress can be physical, mental and behavioral. Here is the list of physical… Read More →

Burnout essay sample

  Even if you have not experienced burnout personally, you are most definitely familiar with the term. Thus, you are aware that it might actually be really dangerous, especially when you do not pay attention to the warning signs. The most important thing in this respect is to start doing something right away. The earlier… Read More →

Balancing for life essay sample

  Living can be hard. That is the reason why it is important to learn how to balance in case something unexpected happens. Apart from that, balancing is important in case you want to find a balance between your personal and professional life. The reason why you require balance is that it will help sort… Read More →

Adjusting to college essay sample

  There is no doubt that going to college will definitely be a stressful experience, especially when you decide to move to a new city away from your friends and family. Well, what is important to remember is that the first period of time will be hard as there will be lots of changes. Apart… Read More →

Mindful eating essay sample

  We need food to have enough energy to go to work and to do things. That is the reason why the aspect of mindful eating is important in this respect. You obviously want to live longer. The problem is that the majority of us does not take enough care of our bodies. Mindful eating… Read More →

Explaining self-injurious behaviors essay sample

  The most important thing to understand when it comes to self -injury is that it is done in order to alleviate some emotional distress which the person is feeling at that moment. However, one should not forget that such behavior presupposes that the person is experiencing a lot of psychic pain. In addition, it… Read More →

Cultural adjustment essay sample

  Moving to another country is always a shocking experience, no matter whether you are moving there temporarily or permanently. A few stages of cultural adjustment are singled out. To begin with, you are going to have some sort of euphoria as everything is so new and exciting. You will have lots of great experiences… Read More →

Cross-cultural experience for international students essay sample

  Well, it is quite obvious that studying in another country is going to be really stressful for an international student, especially at first. Yet, it will also be both useful and educational. Do not forget that you are going to have a lot of cross-cultural experience which will help you adapt faster as well… Read More →