First responsibilities, then rights. True or not? essay sample

    Rights and responsibilities go hand-in-hand as they assure a proper cooperation between individuals  and organizations. In every social structure, individuals are granted with certain rights on the condition that they perform their duties to this society. This is the general pattern of how these two concepts work. Being more specific, rights and responsibilities… Read More →

We are all too materialistic essay sample

    The assault of manufacturers with their goods has certainly spread the epidemic of materialism across the globe. The more possessions we buy, the more we want to accumulate. Purchasing things has already turned into an aimless competition and search for happiness. We purchase nice and brand-new devices to keep up with peers –… Read More →

What does it mean to realize your potential? essay sample

    A lot of people constantly need to reach certain heights to realize that they are developing properly. We usually call it reaching our full potential. Practically, a physical or mental potential is some higher level of performance an individual can possibly reach. External circumstances and inner hurdles do not let us reveal our… Read More →

Do people always do what they desire most? essay sample

    The motivation behind human needs is frequently debated by psychologists and philosophers. Psychology of egoism insists that whatever we do is always dictated by the desire to benefit ourselves. This theory is supported with a bulk of experimental evidence, consequently, people frequently do act for their own good, whether intentionally or instinctively. Even… Read More →

Is happiness just the sum of individual pleasures? essay sample

    Defining happiness seems easy, however, some philosophers give quite an intricate answer to this question. Happiness is commonly related to pleasure and content; scientists even say that it is a tangible phenomenon that can be defined measuring the level of serotonin and other chemicals in the brain of humans and animals with higher… Read More →

Is acting morally necessary for happiness? essay sample

    Human happiness depends on the wide range of factors. Some of them are common to all individuals while the others are specific. All people feel happy if their loved ones recover from a tough disease, but not all of them have the same feeling if, for example, the president prohibits drilling on the… Read More →

What is the difference between a moral and a non-moral issue? essay sample

    Concepts such as moral and non-moral can be explicit or vague for different people. Someone would say that moral issues are rights while non-moral matters are wrongs – as simple as that. But trying to evaluate human actions, we sometimes bump into a wall of inconsistencies between ourselves and our interlocutors: people of… Read More →

Water resources development essay sample

    Managing water resources is a huge responsibility mainly because there is not so much fresh and drinking water on the planet. According to the data provided by governmental services, more than 98 percent of the water available on the planet is either salt ocean water or the water of ice caps. The water… Read More →

Sustainable development essay sample

    The term “sustainability” is commonly used to describe human practices that do not pose a threat to functions of the nature. Sustainable development is frequently opposed to industrial development that puts profit over possible risks to natural resources. Nevertheless, sustainability is not always tied to environmental protection. It is also used to describe… Read More →

Population policies in developing countries essay sample

      Developing countries face a lot of problems concerning size and development of their population. Their territory is limited but population steadily grows. Overpopulation makes natural resources scarce and diminishes well-being of the poorest groups. Public health, population growth, and high fertility were addressed by the UN, its partner organizations, and surely by… Read More →

Environmental toxicology essay sample

    The study of the impact of natural and synthetic toxins on living beings, environmental toxicology is a comparatively new science. Its advent occurred in the mid-twentieth century when biologists started issuing publications on the effects of chemicals used in agriculture. Toxicology is closely related to biology and chemistry, it also operates with the… Read More →

Marine resource conservation essay sample

    Marine ecosystems suffer from human activity no less than large woods and lush fields. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 95 percent of the ocean is yet unexplored, but the remaining five percent have already become an easy target for poachers and unregistered fisheries. Fossil fuel drilling is another threat to… Read More →

International environmental laws essay sample

    Existing environmental law is frequently criticized for its ineffectiveness. For the last half of a century, major achievements in the field of environmental protection came down to the enhanced production of renewable energy, which was a great breakthrough even for the Western world. As for the rest, little progress has been made. Every… Read More →

Health risk assessment essay sample

  Anticipating diseases is highly important in the current environment. Today we are exposed to all kinds of toxic substances that make us extremely vulnerable even if there are no other hazards such as epidemics or genetic factors. To predict health risks of humans that live in a particular environment and eat a specific food,… Read More →

Citizen participation in environmental protection essay sample

    If the governmental activity towards protecting the environment is not helpful, the community has to demand better policies from their officials. Besides, there can be measures people can perform without the assistance of the government. In the US, community participation in environmental programs began in 1980 when Congress created Superfund that aimed at… Read More →

Environmental policies in developing countries essay sample

    Despite the lower rates of industrialization, developing countries raise concerns about numerous environmental problems. Wastewater is a great problem in the environment where sanitation is very poor. A large number of people become infected with intestinal bacteria every day, and the mortality  rates from diarrhea are comparatively high. Exposure to toxic chemicals is… Read More →