Internet and copyright essay sample

    The internet appeared to be a perfect place to access various types of information without paying for it. However, the majority of content that can be found on the web is protected by the copyright law, which makes copying illegal. The basic principle of copyright is that no one can copy or download… Read More →

Government-controlled media essay sample

    At all times, mass media were controlled, shaped, and influenced by governments. Historical roots of governmental domination are deep and date back to the invention of printing press in the fifteenth century. Gutenberg’s innovation put a system of control and influence at the imbalance. As books and papers became highly accessible, the state… Read More →

Divorce influence from western culture essay sample

    An increased number of divorces in the Western societies came along with the emancipation and feminism. Social changes brought freedoms previous generations did not have, and the institute of family transformed. More or less equal opportunities for education and job perspective made people pay more attention to the emotional constituents of their bonds…. Read More →

Dependence on internet essay sample

    Inability to live a day without the internet is frequently described as an addiction to its countless resources and social networks. Indeed, not only teenagers but also adults feel very uncomfortable without an access to online resources. Someone may find it strange but there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that technological progress… Read More →

Competitive nature of college admission essay sample

    As high school students approach graduation, they are frequently instructed about the competitive nature of college admission. The number of high school graduates rises with every year, and many of them aim to continue their education at the college. It seems that the most popular colleges are likely to accept only those with… Read More →

Capital punishment of mentally disabled essay sample

    Capital punishment is still practiced in the majority of states for certain federal crimes. As for 2016, more than 100 of the countries in the world have condemned or refused from execution as a legal practice. The cruelty of executing people with mental retardation is an especially problematic aspect of capital punishment. The… Read More →

Banning smoking permanently essay sample

    The controversy around a smoke ban seems to be endless because a great number of people still justify tobacco use. Apparently, all smokers consider any restrictions on cigarettes to be a personal offense from the government as tobacco has always been perfectly legal and wide-spread. To address this hot debate, the health minister… Read More →

Will posting students’ grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate them to perform better? essay sample

Will posting students’ grades on bulletin boards publicly motivate them to perform better? Essay sample Dealing with paper writing can be quite complicated which is the reason why having properly written essay samples right at one’s disposal will definitely help accomplish such tasks faster. There are both advantages and disadvantages of posting students’ grades on… Read More →

Are curfews effective in keeping teens out of trouble? essay sample

    Trying to keep their children obedient, parents refer to a wide range of methods. Threats and punishments do not work as expected, and desperate adults impose a curfew to their kids. The latter are not allowed to come home later than expected, and they also can be asked to put computers away at… Read More →

Does the boarding school system benefit children? essay sample

    At some point, parents find it difficult to choose which type of school they would prefer for their children. Some of them stay firm on the belief that teens shall be always by their side until they graduate. The others are not so much concerned about seeing their child every day and are… Read More →

Sex education should be imparted in middle school essay sample

    The necessity of sex education is not doubted in the US anymore. Students shall start learning the subject from the middle school to have a correct idea what relations between two sexes may drag. The topic of sex is frequently glamorized in mass media, and children frequently see only appealing side of relations…. Read More →

Are live-in relationships the way to go? essay sample

    A mutual agreement to live together without being married can be criticized in numerous cultures and societies. While marriage is a legal procedure that drags certain consequences in case of a breach, live-in is a voluntary decision to take care of one another and create a shared well-being without any obligations but moral… Read More →

Is social networking a sophisticated way of stalking people? essay sample

    Social networking is a complex phenomenon that performs more functions besides its primary aim – connecting people. Today personal accounts are widely used for business and sometimes misused for wrong purposes. Social network accounts provide a certain amount of information about their owners, which can put people at risk. Besides, it is difficult… Read More →

Traumatic brain injury essay sample

Traumatic brain injury happens due to hard objects hitting the head or body. Regarding its intensity, traumatic brain injury can be mild, moderate or severe. It occurs in a wide range of traumatic events that range from falling out of bed to a car crash. Falls may seem to be a routine injury, but even… Read More →

Pedestrian safety tips essay sample

    Safety on the road is a hot topic for all traffic participants. In case of a car accident, all parties can be badly injured, however, pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable ones on the road. Taking into account current hasty traffic, pedestrians are always endangered before the vehicles that drive too fast… Read More →

Medicaid fraud essay sample

    As a program that requires huge financial spending, Medicaid is not devoid of fraud and abuse. The initiative is funded by states and federal budgets, which means that a part of taxpayers’ money is wasted due to medical providers stealing money from the Medicaid budget. Fraudulent practices do not only make the healthcare… Read More →

Maternal depression essay sample

    Women may experience a variety of mood swings in their life, but maternal depression is an especially disturbing condition that brings a huge discomfort to women who have already given a birth or are only about to deliver a baby. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 10 percent of… Read More →

Flood preparedness essay sample

    Floods, hurricanes, and storms are natural disasters that pose danger not only to property and crops but also to human life. Sometimes floods come suddenly because of a quick change of weather conditions or due to the abrupt rise of the water. In most cases, floods can be predicted just like other natural… Read More →