What is the truth behind healthy oil? essay sample

    While advocates of healthy eating put a great emphasis on natural oils, some nutritionists oppose the popular view that modern vegetable oils are as healthy as we think. Everybody uses oils while cooking, and many people consume oils raw as a food supplement. The main appealing feature of coconut, olive, canola, flaxseed and… Read More →

Do food supplements really make any value addition to your food? essay sample

    Dietary supplements are quite popular all over the world. Vitamins, minerals, herbs, plant and fish oil are supposed to stimulate protective functions of the body and provide a range of benefits. These substances are not marked as drugs and do not require the prescription of the physician, however, probiotics and vitamins are frequently… Read More →

How is FDA protecting people? essay sample

    The mission of the Food and Drug Administration is to protect public health from the potential damage made by dangerous or low-quality food, drugs, and cosmetics. The federal agency installs criteria of quality and controls their adherence. Certification of the FDA spreads on food items produced in the US and imported from abroad…. Read More →

Can a diet be really designed to suit your genetics? essay sample

    Looking at a wide range of diets, people frequently do not know what to choose. They usually decide to follow this or that diet evaluating its general restrictions. The more effective way to choose a diet is to let a physician evaluate its benefits for patients with specific dietary requirements. Looking at the… Read More →

To what extent does diet affect our well-being? essay sample

    Dietary habits and a lifestyle determine our vulnerability to damaging external factors. Everyone has some resistance to pathogen microorganisms from the environment, which certainly depends on the quality of our nutrition. It concerns poor nutrition and overeating as both factors make our body vulnerable to diseases. Obesity is a major concern linked to… Read More →

Do interventions really help? essay sample

    Having an alcohol or drug addict in a family is a huge pressure for all members. Parents cannot stand and ignore what is happening with their child, and they always try to intervene. Intervention can be the only way for an addict to feel that they need help. In most cases, young addicts… Read More →

Is the epicenter of every disease stress? essay sample

    Discussing the impact of stress on our physical health, we sometimes consider this fact to be a little overblown. Stress is an inevitable part of our routine; which is more, it is intangible. Therapists cannot measure the level of stress experienced (unless it has caused an obvious damage), and frequently we cannot feel… Read More →

Is bulimia a psychological issue or eating disorder? essay sample

    Bulimia Nervosa is commonly referred to as an eating disorder. Just like anorexia, it affects individuals with evident or hidden mental issues such as depression or anxiety. As a matter of fact, bulimia shall be viewed as purely psychological issue – there are no physical mechanisms that trigger binged eating followed by purging…. Read More →

To what extent is plastic surgery healthy? essay sample

    Chasing one’s elusive youth, people refer to all possible manipulations that will make them unbelievably young. A common way to return an appealing look to aging skin is plastic surgery. Besides age related issues, plastic surgery is widely used to correct inborn and acquired facial defects. And last but not least, those who… Read More →

Is banning certain foods a solution to lifestyle diseases? essay sample

    To some people, banning certain food looks like making alcohol and tobacco illegal: eating habit is an individual peculiarity which may possibly cause certain diseases. Nevertheless, junk food cannot be compared to addictive substances regarding the effect it makes on one’s social environment: eating snacks is damaging only to the person who has… Read More →

Should cancer treatments cost be reduced for everyone? essay sample

    As expected, costs for treating cancer hardly go down. On the contrary, new equipment, medicine, and co-pays for patients merely rise. Despite the high frequency of cancer incidents, only one in five patients is taking their treatment. Both insured and uninsured individuals struggle to pay for the prescribed medication as insurers frequently deny… Read More →

Should obesity be treated as a disease? essay sample

    The whole world has recently faced the epidemics of obesity, of course, if we recognize this state as a physical condition. The American Medical Association tried to implement a new approach to overweight, however, such a step is likely to change the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical business – and perhaps, not for the… Read More →

Allopathy medicine vs. Homeopathy medicine: Which is better? essay sample

    Allopathy is another name for a conventional medicine that provides the use of chemicals and other pharmacologically active substances to treat health conditions. Today, allopathy is considered to be the only scientifically proven method able to treat diseases. Homeopathy as well as the remaining alternative medicine is frequently approached either as a fraud… Read More →

The use of steroids in bodybuilding essay sample

    Strong built of world-famous wrestlers is known to be a consequence of anabolic steroids. The human body has hundreds of muscles that have their own functions and can be naturally built with certain exercises. Nevertheless, natural abilities of the human body is not a limit to professional athletes who compete in their muscle… Read More →

The scientific nature of superstitions essay sample

    Superstitions can be treated either as an inevitable part of religion or as a way poorly educated people think. Nevertheless, British studies report that scientists and acknowledged academics believe in superstitions too.  If we hear that the Nobel Prize-winning physicist keeps the horseshoe at home, we may think that an old man started… Read More →

The pressure on kids from schools essay sample

    Academic success of a child is the major factor parents are interested in. And they are not always satisfied with the teacher’s response on child’s performance. As all children cannot be equally gifted in every academic field, sooner or later their weak points emerge. And it does not necessarily mean that a child… Read More →

Teaching sex education to a minor essay sample

    Speaking with children about sex is difficult to many parents who try to delay this process for as long as possible. Or even better to shift this responsibility to teachers. Nevertheless, even children aged 5 ask questions about babies, pregnancy, and other issues concerning adults’ sexual life. Some therapists admit that sexual education… Read More →

Teacher and student relationships essay sample

    Young people spend the majority of their time with teachers and tutors, which certainly affects how they treat each other. Relationships between students and teachers are not always smooth. Sometimes students suppose that their teachers are too strict while teachers evaluate some students over the others and ignore the ones who are not… Read More →

Right to education or right to job essay sample

    Every person is eligible for some education as it is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Under the document, fundamental basic education shall be compulsory and free for all individuals. The fulfillment of this right can be estimated by availability, accessibility, acceptability, and adaptability of education. To make education available, governments… Read More →

Penalties for unethical advertisers essay sample

    Advertising is a potent tool for stimulating sales, and companies usually pay a considerable attention to how their products are displayed in the media. Manufacturers frequently refer to deceptive advertising practices to make their goods look extraordinary and unique. The Federal Trade Commission considers deceptive advertising illegal and unethical. Consumers frequently sue companies… Read More →