Methods of predicting hurricanes essay sample

  Well, it is not quite possible to stop the hurricane, otherwise we would have already done that years ago. Yet, there are certain things we can do to make sure that the effects of the hurricane are not so drastic. To begin with, we need to improve our emergency response planning process due to… Read More →

How to educate people about childhood obesity? essay sample

  Well, the first thing to mention in this respect is to educate parents regarding the issue. The thing is that dealing with this problem starts at home when parents begin feeding their children properly. To begin with, the family needs to implement healthy eating habits. The process of making healthy dishes together helps greatly… Read More →

Who should be held accountable for exam results? essay sample

  Well, you have probably noticed that the general tendency is to blame the teacher when the exam results are poor. The idea is that the teacher was unable to present the material properly for students to understand. Yet, what is important to highlight is that the studying process which involves two people who need… Read More →

Ways of preventing cyber crime essay sample

  You are clearly aware of the fact that cyber crime is on the rise. That is the reason why it is significant to take more steps so that to protect your data. To begin with, make sure that you keep your computer updated. Choose strong passwords and do not forget to change them regularly…. Read More →

Are genes really responsible for mental and lifestyle disorders? essay sample

    Genetic research allowed to conclude that genes determine all peculiarities of functions for every particular human body including its diseases. A lot of mental conditions seem to emerge suddenly at  some particular age; scientists cannot figure out which environmental factor contributed to their development, but these conditions pass in generations. That was the… Read More →

How is stem cell research likely to shape human evolution? essay sample

    Stem cell research appeared to be a valuable branch of science that allowed us to look a little further inside the human nature. Every now and then researchers report about the latest progress in cultivating stem cells, which gives a way to speculations about the next generations being close to superhumans due to… Read More →

Are energy-efficient homes the answer to saving the planet? essay sample

    Intense consumption of energy certainly increases the amount of burnt fossil fuels. To heat our households we use coal, natural gas, electricity, sometimes timber. Noticing that the amount of energy necessary to heat our house has increased, we usually suspect leaks in making the building colder. Efficiency of the housing is crucial for… Read More →

Should the Government invest in green energy? essay sample

    Renewable energy is developing rapidly, and environmentalists expect that one day it will be able to compete with fossil fuels. Today, the overall investment in the renewable energy has visibly increased. Most investors come from the private sector as they are more likely to benefit from developing renewables than governments and public sector…. Read More →

Are we ready to pay for exponentially rising energy costs? essay sample

    Prices on energy become more unstable with every year. As consumers’ demand rises, there is a threat to drain sources of fossil fuels quite soon. The production of solar power, however, increased six-fold for the last few years. By the present moment, electricity from photovoltaic batteries is expensive because it is still very… Read More →

How can we make the energy demands sustainable? essay sample

    Conservation of energy is a global goal shared by all nations in the world. Both developed and developing countries face scarcity of natural resources that one day will make prices on energy skyrocket. To prevent sources of fossil fuels from draining and to protect ecosystems from climate change, many countries produce solar and… Read More →

What does it mean to totally depend on nuclear power? essay sample

    Nuclear power stations serve as so-called intermediaries between fossil fuels and renewable energy. After the first nuclear plants were built in the 1950s, by this time nuclear power has greatly expanded in operation. More than 400 countries currently operate in 31 countries of the world. They produce more than 10 percent of the… Read More →

Has yoga become the new face of fitness? essay sample

    Yoga has recently become a popular form of exercise that instantly gained a lot of admirers in the Western world. As people constantly search for the best possible fitness practice, they have seen yoga as a pleasant and efficient alternative to running, lifting, jumping, and other traditional exercising practices. Initially, yoga was a… Read More →

How is exercise related to your brain health? essay sample

Looking for an essay sample on the topic of exercise and the way in which it helps to improve brain health? Here is a perfect example with the help of which dealing with this essay topic will get easier. To begin with, it is vital to highlight the fact that regular exercise improves thinking skills… Read More →

How much alcohol is actually good for the body? essay sample

    Possible health benefits of moderate consumption of alcohol are frequently debated in the healthcare community. Cardiologists, for example, are convinced that any amount of alcohol is neither beneficial nor safe. If you can avoid drinking alcohol completely, go ahead, physicians say. Some of them do not divide alcohol and its portions into healthy… Read More →

Is it possible to reverse certain lifestyle disorders? essay sample

    Most people realize how precious their health is once they become ill. Any illness is at least unpleasant, and some diseases can be just unbearable. However, in many cases, we cannot easily take a respective treatment and become healthy again. There is a range of chronic conditions that emerge due to preferring certain… Read More →

Can you really challenge genetics with exercise and diet? essay sample

    It is the common fact that most characteristics of our genes are fixed and they naturally pass in generations. Genetic appearance cannot be easily changed in our everyday life which assures that the following generations will obtain many features from their predecessors. Nevertheless, some genes do change in each of us throughout the… Read More →

How can the disparity between malnutrition and obesity be bridged? essay sample

    Addressing the problem of obesity, we cannot ignore the issue of malnutrition. Poor nutrition is usually associated with children growing in developing countries; they are devoid of the essential amount of products due to the industrialization of agriculture and unequal distribution of food in the world. However, this perspective has already transformed into… Read More →

Sugar vs. artificial sweetener: Which is more dangerous? essay sample

    Physicians and consumers agreed that sugar induces obesity, which is one of the prior health issues in the present-day society. To reduce calories in one’s diet, people are advised either to refuse from consuming sugar or to substitute it with artificial sweeteners. Many of them are derived from natural raw materials. Stevia, for… Read More →