Family planning benefit program essay sample

    Family Planning Benefit Program is a healthcare initiative provided in New York State and funded by Medicaid. The program is a free service for New York State residents of childbearing age that meet the requirements prescribed in the program. Apparently, people who are not enrolled in other Medicaid services cannot afford themselves family… Read More →

Essential health care provider support program essay sample

    In 2015, the New York State Department of Health issued the Essential Health Care Provider Support Program to be conducted within the state. The program aimed at restructuring and merging of the licensed health care providers in order to make the healthcare system more sustainable and efficient for its clients. Under the established… Read More →

Driving safety tips essay sample

    Driver’s attention strongly influences their own well-being and safety of the other traffic participants. Annually, more than a million of people die in car crashes on the global scale, and another 50 million remain injured to a different extent. Car crashes can happen due to various reasons – some of them are caused… Read More →

Early intervention program essay sample

    Treating kids with developmental delays may be a prolonged and challenging practice. Instead, it would be much faster and more efficient to start early intervention as soon as the first sign of a learning disability occurred.  Early intervention services are provided to infants and toddlers who physically or mentally retard in development from… Read More →

Disability assistance essay sample

    People with disabilities are eligible for a range of benefits provided by the federal government. The Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income are major programs designed to assist people with disabilities. These programs are managed by the Social Security Administration and targeted at people who cannot be employed because of having… Read More →

Dangers of drinking raw milk essay sample

    Raw milk can possibly be a source of bacteria causing diseases. Bacteria can do no harm to cows or sheep, nevertheless, humans can be extremely sensitive to some species such as Salmonella or Listeria. Pathogenic microorganisms rapidly multiply in warm milk and may cause such serious conditions as tuberculosis and diphtheria. Pregnant women… Read More →

Contamination of drinking water essay sample

    The quality of drinking water strongly varies from one area to another. Numerous environmental and industrial factors change the basic characteristics of drinking water and make it unsafe for consumption. In developed countries, special agencies and organizations control the quality of drinking water and keep population informed if any danger arises. People in… Read More →

Clean, green and healthy schools essay sample

    In order to ensure safe and healthy conditions for students, the US Environmental Protection Agency has launched the Clean, Green, and Healthy Schools project in 2012. The aim of the initiative is to cooperate with teachers, administrators, and officials in order to make conditions in public K-12 schools less damaging for students and… Read More →

Child and adult care food system essay sample

    Sufficient nutrition is a basic need that is necessary for all people irrespective of their income. More than 40 million of the poorest Americans are currently living on food stamps, and 1 million of them are likely to lose this benefit soon. To address the issue of hunger among the indigent population,  the… Read More →

Behavioral risk factor surveillance system essay sample

    Statistics is a powerful tool that provides citizens and governments with knowledge about tendencies of their community. The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System is the national health survey administered by state health departments. The initiative was established in 1984 with the aim to collect health-related data or, to be more precise, a public… Read More →

How to address behavioral concerns in young children essay sample

    Behavioral problems are not a rare occasion in toddlers and preschoolers. Most children act on the impulse and are guided by their whims unless they realize the necessity to behave as their parents tell them. The latter, in their turn, may become desperate trying to get on with their kids. Misbehavior is a… Read More →

Ways to prevent teen pregnancy essay sample

    According to statistic data, current rates of teenage pregnancy have dropped to 10 percent which is the historically lowest figure. Nevertheless, parents express their concerns relating to the health and safety of their teenage children. Unwanted pregnancy poses both health and financial risks adults are perfectly aware of. But many of them do… Read More →

Cochlear implant technology essay sample

    Hearing loss is a problem common not only to aged people. Most senses normally fade with age, but hearing problems affect many children and young adults as well. Due to various traumas or congenital conditions, children can be born with an impaired hearing or develop hearing loss through the lifetime. While mild hearing… Read More →

Caffeine addiction symptoms essay sample

    Caffeine addiction is a common term used to describe the effect caffeine makes on our body. However, scientists doubt that this substance may cause a serious addiction. It certainly drags some unpleasant effects from caffeine withdrawal, and their severity usually depends on the dose people take in regularly. So how does caffeine addiction… Read More →

Types of memory disorders essay sample

    Memory loss may happen due to various reasons almost at every age. Not only elderly people but also teens and individuals of a middle-age may suffer from more or less extensive memory loss. In many cases, it is provoked by an individual’s inability to concentrate their attention properly, but sometimes specific health conditions… Read More →

Consumers’ role in the health care system essay sample

  Speaking of the health care system, we define doctors and patients as two main subjects of these relations. However, we very seldom address patients as consumers. Despite health care providers supply services and are paid from their clients, patient’s role as a consumer who makes their own choices is very weak. We cannot fully… Read More →

Antibiotic resistance bacteria and its dangers essay sample

    Antibiotic resistance is the ability of microorganisms to live in the presence of antibiotic that usually kills them. This phenomenon became quite widespread mainly because antibiotics are prescribed against wrong diseases and in wrong amounts. Initially, antibiotics were developed to kill bacteria; these substances are ineffective with viruses, nevertheless, in a majority of… Read More →

Parkinson disease and its effects on muscle control essay sample

  Muscle control is a great problem for patients with Parkinson’s disease. This neurological disorder is caused by an impairment of nerve cells in the brain area called the substantia nigra and it is characterized by diverse uncontrollable movements.  As the disease progresses, movements intensify or cause immobility. Tremor is a well-recognized symptom of Parkinson’s,… Read More →

Use of DNA in science essay sample

    The discovery and further research of such a basic constituent of living beings as DNA opened an entirely new era in the medicine. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of DNA and chromosomes as they make up the entire genomes of living beings. The human genome, for example, consists of 3 billion… Read More →

History of the Human Genome Project essay sample

    The Human Genome Project was an international research conducted by the National Institutes of Health and funded by the US government that pursued the aim to find out how nucleotides were placed in a human DNA. Apparently, genetic appearance of every individual is a different one, nevertheless the NIH expected to conduct a… Read More →