Impending food crisis essay sample

    Food security appeared to be an unattainable goal for the agricultural businesses of the world. Despite developed countries feel no food deficit, the same cannot be said about the third-world countries. Billions of people in the world are currently short of food, and their condition is not improving at the moment. Improper agricultural… Read More →

Genes and health essay sample

    Genetic material is passed from one generation to another and assures that the next generation of species is a precise copy of their parents. This mechanism is common to all living beings including humans. Genetic material conveys all kinds of information about ourselves, including our appearance, habits, and even diseases. Therefore, genetic information… Read More →

GM vs. traditional methods of plant breeding essay sample

    The controversy over the use of GM technologies and conventional methods of plant breeding is extensive. Genetic modification is a comparatively new way of altering the genetic image of plants that was developed to succeed several conventional methods of selection. It may seem uncertain because little research has been made in this area,… Read More →

Types of assisted reproduction essay sample

    Low fertility among men and women is a devastating problem that mostly refers to people of the Western world. African and Asian countries have the highest fertility rates in the world while couples in Europe and America complete durable courses of medical treatment to conceive a child. Infertility is treated both in men… Read More →

Is an affair always a “symptom” of problems within a marriage? essay sample

      The prevailing majority of psychologists would say that a love affair cannot make a marriage stronger. Quite on the contrary, extramarital relationships will sooner or later destroy the marriage. The topic of unfaithful relationships was thoroughly investigated by a large number of psychologists for the last few decades at least. According to… Read More →

Is it ethical to have clients as Facebook friends? essay sample

    Non-professional relations of therapists and their patients are frequently evaluated as unethical and inadmissible. American Psychology Association has defined romantic relations between a therapist and a patient that continue during the therapy or straight after its termination as unethical. However, the problem with social networking is a different case. As a matter of… Read More →

Is it ethical to terminate treatment when a client can no longer pay? essay sample

    In course of treating chronic diseases, physicians and psychotherapists face certain ethical challenges. Treatment is the process of mutual interaction between the client and the doctor, and success of the therapy depends on common understanding that emerges between the two parties. Termination of treatment is a serious step that shall be properly considered… Read More →

What we think, we are essay sample

    According to numerous sources, the phrase “we are what we think” is a Buddha’s quote. Not only philosophers but also psychologists and physicians of all times supported the relevance of this saying. Apparently, our way of thinking influences our outlook as well as physical health, though the last one is a great topic… Read More →

Culture is essential, just like fresh air and food essay sample

    Our social life is always shaped according to a certain cultural context we live in. Scholars admit that a cultural constituent differentiates lifestyle of a human from that of an animal. Indeed, people are social beings, and every social group has its own culture that reflects their worldviews. Whether a popular culture or… Read More →

‘Normal’ depends on your environment essay sample

    Normality is an optimal property of things that is treated as an ideal balance between too good and too bad qualities. People frequently use the adjective “normal” to imply that an object or action is commonly accepted as positive. Consequently, people express their approval using this tricky term. The same as in the… Read More →

Food engineering is the way of the future essay sample

    The issue of food engineering created a loud debate among the proponents of GM crops and the defendants of the sustainable agriculture. Though sustainable practices were more widespread several decades ago, the tradition of improving a genetic image of plants continued for centuries. People gradually modified their seeds to achieve larger yields and… Read More →

Having chores/a pet/ an after-school job teaches responsibility essay sample

    Many parents find it difficult to raise their children as responsible people. Kids usually realize that they have moral rights and can demand something from their parents, but they frequently ignore daily chores. Having done something forbidden, kids do not always realize that if any damage is done they will be responsible for… Read More →

Becoming a parent should be an earned privilege essay sample

    A physical ability to give birth is frequently associated with the art of being a good parent. But in fact, not all those people who have a baby are ready to take care of kids properly. Reports of child abuse and assault underline that there are many poor kids with a devastating childhood… Read More →

Prejudice will always be a part of our lives essay sample

  Many old stereotypes are so sticky that even progressive and self-conscious people sometimes catch a spark of prejudice in their thoughts. Despite the tangible progress in social education and development, the lasting impression that all individuals of any economic or ethnic community are the same is extremely difficult to get rid of. We frequently… Read More →

Is the structure of our society falling apart these days? essay sample

    Every society has its structure that defines relations between its members. A unified society is meant to assure certain comfort and development for all individuals and their interaction. Every Western society had its own challenges at some period in their development, and now critics continue to link social, economic, educational, and ethical inconsistencies… Read More →

What are moral values? essay sample

    Making decisions and evaluating actions of others, we normally judge according to the standards we learned yet as children. They are moral values. These principles help to define what is right and what is wrong, they motivate us and discourage from acting in an undesirable way. Moral values are mostly traditional; they pass… Read More →