Overfishing essay sample

    Depletion of natural resources does not come down merely to extracting fossil fuels and wasting fresh water. Wildlife is a natural resource too, and marine ecosystems are particularly vulnerable before the human needs. Fishing is an ancient industry, however, today it became lucrative as never before. Modern techniques allow to catch as many… Read More →

Consumer capitalism essay sample

    An economic theory of consumer capitalism suggests that producers will obtain the best effect if they target not only at consumers’ needs but also at their demands. If needs were sooner or later satisfied, human wishes remain endless. Consumers will not rush to buy a product if they realize that they have no… Read More →

Indoor air quality essay sample

    Air pollution does not take place exceptionally when the industrial gases are emitted into the atmosphere. Pollution can be much more mundane thing than we think. Furniture, household appliances, and materials used in construction of buildings can emit toxic fumes and sufficiently worsen the quality of air in the building. Mold and dust… Read More →

Developmental disability essay sample

  Today deviations in development of children happen as frequently as never before. Nearly 15 percent of American kids grow with impairment in their physical or cognitive development, which disturbs their everyday life. These disabilities are easy to notice as children struggle to meet developmental milestones characteristic for their age. Some of them cannot walk… Read More →

Environmental effects of meat production essay sample

    Except for vivid ethical issues, the production of meat raises concerns of environmentalists and advocates of sustainable development. Industrialization has largely contributed to intensive farming and turned the earth into a gigantic farm. Lands that produce food for livestock cover nearly one-third of the earth’s ice-free surface. Global GDP from farming is really… Read More →

Projections of population growth essay sample

  Population growth is one of the major concerns of NGOs that strive for a sustainable development. According to the UN report issued in 2015, the total population of the world has already exceeded 7 billion people. Population projection made by UN demographers predicts that it will grow up to 10 billion in 2050. Projections… Read More →

Habitat destruction essay sample

Paper writing is never easy, especially when the subject under consideration requires conducting a deep research as well as allocating a lot of time on its accomplishment in general. That is the reason why having an essay sample on hand will be advantageous. Habitat destruction is one of the biggest problems our planet is facing… Read More →

Intensive farming essay sample

    With quick industrialization and mechanization, the old ways of doing agriculture changed. As soon as entrepreneurs involved great capital and labor in raising livestock and crops, intensive farming revolutionized the area with its incredible advantages. Large farmers aimed at making the largest possible profit from small areas. The productivity of the land is… Read More →

Balance of trade essay sample

    The balance of trade is a difference between national export and import. It is essential for every economy to transport some part of the supply to other countries as well as compensate losses of domestic production by importing goods from abroad. This figure helps economists to determine the current state of the economy…. Read More →

Barriers to trade essay sample

  International trade is generally regulated by governments of trading nations. They usually impose tariffs, which are taxes on certain types of goods. The price of those products rise and makes them less competitive in the market. Besides tariffs, there are other regulations that complicate international trade such as licenses, quotas, and standards. Imposing trade… Read More →

Competition and market structures essay sample

    Competition is an economic force that regulates relations within the free market. In the capitalist society, all businesses face some level of competition, which allows consumers to benefit from the races of manufacturers. In the competitive environment, producers learn to be flexible and client-oriented. However, not all markets are free enough to show… Read More →

Aggregate supply essay sample

    Every economy usually produces a certain amount of goods over some period of time. Unlike demand, supply changes slowly that is why aggregate supply covers all the domestic products manufactured for a year. If the demand can rise in days, the supply can take months to adjust to it. Aggregate supply depends on… Read More →

Aggregate demand essay sample

    The amount of goods and services that will be purchased by all means is referred to as aggregate demand. It equals the gross domestic product and it describes the correlation between GDP and the price level. Apparently, the demand changes alongside with prices. Consumers want and are able to purchase more products when… Read More →

Productive resources essay sample

    The economy and all its participants strongly depend on the productive resources widely used to produce goods or services. Availability of productive resources is a potent drive for economies around the world – prices on oil can change the value of currency, and plenty of labor in the industry can produce more goods… Read More →

Opportunity cost essay sample

    Opportunity cost is a valuable macroeconomic concept that describes tangible or intangible costs of the decisions we take. Our choices frequently cost us the alternatives we considered at the stage of selection. All alternatives have certain benefits, nevertheless, we express that one of them is more valuable than all others while we make… Read More →

Value of money essay sample

    Researching the free market, economists came to the conclusion that money is not a constant. While  $100 are worth the same amount of money every year, their real value constantly changes. Consumers can purchase a different amount of products on this money because its purchasing power depends on many factors. Prices rise and… Read More →

Economic philosophies essay sample

    Philosophy generally approaches economics as a moral science. It analyses the current state of science and its abstract values pursued by economists and methodologists. Economic philosophy is also concerned with questions of welfare and rationality as well as with the nature of social phenomena. Throughout the history of economy and trade, the most… Read More →

Consumption taxation essay sample

    A consumption tax is drawn when people start spending money. There are several types of a consumption tax such as a sales tax or value-added tax, which are mainly indirect. While an income tax is applied to everything we earn including interest and capital gains, a consumption tax is tied to everything we… Read More →

Collective action essay sample

    Collective actions require a certain group of people working to achieve some collective good. It usually happens at various levels of the organization, from civic society to businesses. A problem of collective actions takes place when a group of individuals fails to achieve a common good. The theory of collective action was published… Read More →

Business cycles essay sample

    GDP cannot remain stable for a long time in most countries of the world. They either expand their industry or run in debts. Business cycle is a change in economic activity such as an expansion or recession that happened over a period of time. Business cycles have their official dates imposed by the… Read More →