How can we narrow the gap between the skills required by industry and those currently available in college graduates? essay sample

    While expecting their graduation, most students anticipate that they are very likely to be unemployed or underemployed with the current degree. Such thoughts occur in young people irrespective of their occupation, which indicates that educational establishments and businesses are at the crisis. While the first continually increase fees for their students to maintain… Read More →

What’s the true cost of outsourcing IT departments? essay sample

    Digital technologies have spread worldwide so that outsourcing became very appealing. The IT market is growing fast due to the companies that move their departments abroad. With the current tempo of growth, the industry is suspected to exceed $1 trillion in the next couple of years. Placing IT services in the offshore made… Read More →

Can South Africa be the new call center capital? essay sample

    Outsourcing call centers has already become a standard of doing business for huge international companies. None of them wants to hold a call center in their English speaking country because the offshore provides cheaper workforce in excess. Thus, India has become the world leader in placing call centers from the West. Currently, the… Read More →

Debt culture: Should credit cards have warning labels? essay sample

    Finance management is a serious issue, which would better be taught at schools. The main result of financial ignorance approaching debts in leaps and bounds, which is the first reason why households crush. Credit cards have a tricky mechanism in them; to ignorant people, it seems to be harmless, but having a closer… Read More →

E-commerce: A substitute or an addition to traditional trade schemes? essay sample

    Lately, traditional commerce has been pushed aside by E-commerce. Based on digital technologies,  it gradually became an efficient and productive way of doing business. The total majority of new companies start as e-commerce organizations, which means that their opportunities are extended as compared to those old enterprises which have physical stores and an… Read More →

Employees’ social media privacy laws: Dream or necessity? essay sample

    Violation of privacy is a common feature of the digital age. Internet users have already accustomed to spy malware and malicious programs that aim to sneak important data from their personal devices. But what can be done if their privacy is violated at work? These days many employers monitor internet traffic of their… Read More →

Performance-based pay: Should the minimum wage be abolished? essay sample

    A mere notion of the minimum wage is constantly criticized. Instead of providing financial security, the minimum wage is a way to unemployment for those who work in labor intensive industries. Its impact on relative poverty is really vague, as many businesses join the black market to avoid paying the minimal salary. Performance-based… Read More →

Win-win investments in business sustainability: Myth or reality? essay sample

    Going green is frequently an unobtainable target for businesses. Sustainability is prestigious now, but many companies cannot invest in it. This initiative may be unjustified from financial, strategic, and marketing perspective, which means that businesses do not eliminate their wastes until they are forced to do so. It is uncertain how companies shall… Read More →

Pre-employment drug testing: Reducing turnover or violating rights? essay sample

    Hiring new employees, companies bear responsibility for their choice as it directly influences corporate spending and well-being of employees. Pre-employment drug testing has already become a popular means of screening applicants. Taking into account a rising number of Americans suffering from drug abuse, employers need to protect themselves from taking unreasonable risks. Opponents… Read More →

Apple-Samsung patent wars: Is a damaged reputation bad for sales? essay sample

    Smartphone patent wars are not really new to the world community. Since 2009, different giants of the mobile industry sued alternative mobile platforms for the infringement. Critics admit that never ending trials confirm deterioration of the current patent system. As we can see, patent wars are inevitable as long as we operate with… Read More →

Bad habits of brands essay sample

Looking for a properly written essay sample on the subject of brand building and bad habits of brands? Here is some useful information regarding the subject under consideration. There is no need to highlight the fact that brand building is one of the most important factors in business, especially when a certain brand wants to… Read More →

First steps in creativity essay sample

    Any creative occupation may seem a fascinating activity until people really engage in the creative process. After some time, they will inevitably discover that powerful and unique ideas do not flow from some endless source in their minds. Apparently, ideas do not emerge on their own; they are stimulated by the cognitive abilities… Read More →

Effects of digital revolution in advertising essay sample

    Digital marketing has changed the industry of advertising once and for all. Gone are the times when  billboards and leaflets were used to enhance sales. Advertising software and banners are inherent to digital devices and websites. Digital marketing has sufficiently changed the way manufacturers approach their customers and enhanced sales. Positive effects of… Read More →

Digital revolution in advertising essay sample

    The expansion of the internet provided broader opportunities for marketing. As more and more consumers began to internet resources and mobile phones, marketing specialists could not close their eyes to the digital medium. It helps to build a brand image and provide ads just everywhere. Advertisers may use various digital channels to reach… Read More →