How to become foster parents? essay sample

    Becoming a foster parent is a challenging experience which takes time and nerves of parents-to-be. They usually spend from four to twelve months on preparing to get a license for foster care; this is the period of studying and submitting numerous applications to the local and state agencies. However, the process is not… Read More →

Artificial hormones in food essay sample

    In the twentieth century, the Food and Drugs Administration approved a range of hormones for growth stimulation in beef cattle and sheep as well as in dairy cows and other animals. After the rigorous tests, the agency conducted that the level of synthetic hormones in animal products does not interfere with the bodily… Read More →

What are the advertising standards? essay sample

    In the US, advertising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and a number of non-governmental organizations. The FTC is engaged in the protection of consumers’ rights which can be easily violated by the dishonest marketing activity. The agency establishes standards for the advertising content and acts on behalf of consumers. In general,… Read More →

Students should be able to pick their schools essay sample

    Within the current system of education, children are assigned to public schools of their districts unless their parents do not decide to enroll in another establishment. Qualitative education is a responsibility of parents, in the first place. Governments and officials shall never dictate parents which schools their children must attend. And parents frequently… Read More →

We should increase train travel to save the environment essay sample

    A popular means of traveling in Europe, trains are not very appreciated in the US. However, this trend is likely to change in the near future. All the inconveniences linked to the planes such as delays, cancellations, stressful landing, phobias, and high costs make passengers search for an alternative way of traveling. A… Read More →

Immigration laws should be stricter/more lenient essay sample

    These days, the immigration debate is heated as never before. For the last few decades, millions of unregistered migrants leaked onto the US territory despite strict laws and enhanced border security.  Desperate folks undertook really reckless steps to reach America by lands and across the sea; some of them died during their journey…. Read More →

Technical training is better than a college degree essay sample

    Higher education is not the only option for all high school graduates. Technical schools train a wide range of workers for different fields which are not limited to mechanics or construction. In fact, craftsmen are no less important than doctors, lawyers, or finance experts even if their salaries can be lower. There is… Read More →

Liberal arts degrees prepare better workers essay sample

    Courses which are generally referred to as liberal arts are opposed to natural sciences and technology. Liberal arts education can be superficial or profound depending on student’s specialization. Economists and lawyers usually are the most highly paid workers among those with the college degree in liberal arts, but sociologist, psychologist, and teacher are… Read More →

Fast food containers hurt the environment essay sample

    Extensive food packaging is a matter of concern for environmentalists. Among the variety of materials we use to preserve food from contamination during its transportation very few are either degradable or recyclable.  Paper, glass, aluminum, steel, and plastic can be recycled if taken separately, but mixed materials obviously prevail in fast food chains…. Read More →

Private colleges are better than state colleges essay sample

    Expecting their kids to apply to colleges, parents thoroughly weigh tuition fee required by establishments and the prospect of further employment. We tend to think that costly establishments are more prestigious and their staff is more qualified. It seems that all employers would like their best applicants to study at private colleges. Nevertheless,… Read More →

State colleges are better than private colleges essay sample

    Tuition is a pressing issue to students and their parents. The questions such as which college to choose, where to live, how much to pay, and whether to get a degree at all can bring anxiety and sleeping disorders to the older generation. Usually, not all parents can afford to pay for higher… Read More →

Security cameras keep us safer essay sample

    Security cameras can be seen in every more or less public place these days. Many of us feel inconvenient when surrounded by cameras because our privacy can be violated. Nevertheless, all the surveillance equipment is meant to keep us safe in public where any act of terrorism is possible. Constant monitoring is the… Read More →

We should/should not spend money on space exploration essay sample

    With the constant financial deficiency, the federal government continues to cut spending on welfare and education. These sectors still function somehow but no one is expecting any progress in subsidies or reduction of tuition fee. Billiards of taxpayer’s dollars go for space exploration, at the same time, and not all citizens can evaluate… Read More →

Multiple choice tests are better than essay tests essay sample

    Many high school students and graduates criticize the means of estimating their academic success. Debates become increasingly heated when it comes to standardized testing. Multiple choice tests are time and resource efficient and allow to test a broad range of student’s abilities. However, not all students are enthusiastic about tests. Some of them… Read More →

Religion and science can go hand in hand essay sample

    Science and religion are the two domains which traditionally cannot coexist in peace even if they are meant to be complementary. Spirit and intelligence are not interchangeable notions as they serve to satisfy different needs. Beliefs go hand in hand with culture, traditions, and rituals which pass on generations referring to our identity…. Read More →

Lap top versus tablet:  which one is better? essay sample

    People of different age and occupation have different needs but most of them are generally satisfied with portable devices. Laptops and tablets are essential no matter whether we work or rest, not even mentioning smartphones and iPads. Aiming to renew our digital variety, we try to purchase up-to-date devices which have recently hit… Read More →

Community service should be required for teens essay sample

    The importance of community service is frequently debated at schools. Some establishments have already imposed volunteering as a mandatory activity for their graduates to enhance responsibility and academic performance. Many students and their parents, however, have not decided yet whether such a change is fully positive for them. Volunteering has a range of… Read More →

Reality shows are exploiting people essay sample

    Reality television may not fit in the notion of high culture but still these shows are immensely popular. An inherent part of the popular culture, they are created to entertain and amuse those people who are not ready to submerge in sophisticated or philosophical matters in their free time. But people who seek… Read More →

Competitive sports can teach us about life essay sample

    Many parents insist that their children enroll in school teams or attend sports sections with their peers. Regular physical activity is known to improve the resistance of the body to external factors and prevent any deviations during growth such as a bad posture. But the list of benefits does not end up with… Read More →

Studying martial arts is good for mind and health essay sample

    Martial arts became a popular means of learning self-defense and finding harmony between one’s thoughts and deeds. Martial arts come in a variety of styles which are now popularized within the popular culture; some of them have strict rules and need a strong logical thinking while the others hardly impose any restrictions. On… Read More →