Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse essay sample

    Child abuse and neglect are inseparably tied to the social and economic status of parents. To treat their children properly, adults need a well-rounded education in the first place and a stable workplace that ensures economic sustainability of the household. Obviously, the country with high school dropouts and poverty is doomed to see… Read More →

Influence of Parents on Child Behavior essay sample

      Social environment is the most potent factor which determines the behavior of children. Parents are the primary social circle for their kids, and parent-child communication is a model to which a child will stick in the future. Parenting styles shape the child’s perception of other people; a correct parenting style usually helps… Read More →

Unconventional Family Structures essay sample

    The concept of family gradually changes under the influence of social trends and popular culture. A nuclear family is commonly accepted as an ideal family pattern. It became a traditional way to organize family relationships in the twentieth century, and today it still provides a perfect environment to raising children. Nevertheless, there exist… Read More →

The White (Man’s) House essay sample

    Women always faced more challenges in the workplace as compared to their male colleagues, especially when they are into government and policy-making. The representation of female staff in all three branches of power leaves much to be desired, and a gender pay gap is another area for speculation. Currently, women have strengthened their… Read More →

Women’s Rights and Movements essay sample

    The feminist struggle for the rights of women started more than a century ago and over the years it has grown to the scale suffragettes could hardly imagine themselves. From equal rights and legal protection to fair representation in power and freedom of females across the globe. The goals of feminism continue to… Read More →

The Feminist Revolution essay sample

  The feminist movement has considerably changed the world and its traditions. Feminists gave a rise to the women’s spirits and evoked fear in the men who treated the suffragette’s movement as if it was an outbreak of plague. In the early twentieth century, the possibility of women receiving rights to vote and control over… Read More →

Anorexia and Women essay sample

    Striving to a beautiful bodily shape at all cost, women easily cross the line between the ambition and the obsession. While some women do not really care about their weight and allow themselves all tasty things they like, the others seek perfection in everything. Women practically starve to complete exhaustion in order to… Read More →

“Coming Out”: Feared or Loved essay sample

    Family values are considered to be one of the top priorities of the society. But that notion does not usually involve “gay family values”. Racial and gender tolerance is a feature of progressive minds, but not everybody is ready to accept people who do not fit the traditional standards. LGBT community has repeatedly… Read More →

Homosexuality and How it is Portrayed in the Media essay sample

    LGBT people remain vulnerable to discrimination not only in the workplace. The mass media are a potent tool which is frequently used to create stereotypes, especially when it concerns sexual orientation, race or gender. Media frequently dictate opinions to those who have not decided yet which side of the controversy they take. Popular… Read More →

Transgendered Individuals in the Workplace essay sample

    The existence of transgender people is not a breaking news anymore. Although sexual orientation has nothing to do with the IQ, qualification, and skills required in the job place, 20 to 50 percent of transgender people faced employment discrimination. Individuals who have already been employed report about being harassed or denied promotion. Apparently,… Read More →

Gendered Occupations: Nurses and Contractors essay sample

  A large number of modern occupation are linked to one of the genders. From the early age, girls are asked whether they want to become teachers or nurses, while the appropriate occupations for boys are mechanic, scientist, or solicitor. Of course, such subdivision seems to be very subjective as for a twenty-first-century person. Centuries… Read More →

Gender Inequality on the Job essay sample

    Discrimination can be seen in numerous dimensions of our lives, and a job-place is not an exception. Perhaps, women and people of color have much more chances to find a deserving job and make their way to the top these days, but the restrictions based on gender are still valid for inflexible companies…. Read More →

Masculinity and Femininity in High School essay sample

    Sexuality issues become crucial as teenagers reach a certain point in their physical development. Boys and girls at the age of puberty are well-aware of being little adults, and their actions are dictated by sexuality. Boys traditionally like to reveal their masculinity in dominance, attraction, and sometimes violence. Girls expose femininity by their… Read More →

At-Risk Youth and Deviant Behavior essay sample

    Young people are always a vulnerable social group. Their personality is actively forming under the influence of external factors which are not always easy to predict. Parents strive to control and monitor the activity and social environment of their kids but very often adults have no time to pay an extra attention. Being… Read More →

Mean Girls: A Study of Competition between Young Women essay sample

    Indirect aggression is a typically female way of solving problems. Perhaps, every girl has noticed cattiness of the other girls at high school or expressed indirect aggression herself. At first sight, shy and timid teenagers are more likely to face a mean behavior of the others. But strong, independent, and competitive young women… Read More →

“Emo” Culture: The Self-Destructive Teen essay sample

    The subculture of “emo” youth appeared in the 1990s and has preserved its popularity by now. Emo people are usually differentiated from other subcultures by the extreme liking of melancholic depressive music, black attire, a long slanted fringe covering half of the face, social phobia, and suicidal inclinations. Emo people are emotionally insecure… Read More →

Extreme Sports Culture: Surf, Skate, and Snow essay sample

    Extreme sports are another indicators of the youth culture. They require athletic skills, imply certain risks, and are extremely entertaining, to put it short, they are everything youngsters need. Nearly 50 years ago, extreme activities like mountain biking and skating were no more than reckless games, but today they have grown into fully-fledged… Read More →