Culture and Race: Is Environment More Important than Race? essay sample

    Culture is a potent factor which influences motives and behavior of people. Talking about misunderstandings between races, we shall take into account the power of stereotypes. Images which make all representatives of any race identical always distort the reality. They make problems look exaggerated and all people – radical. Apparently, these processes are… Read More →

Racial Stereotypes and their Effects essay sample

  Any stereotype appears when people discover traits or characteristics typically inherent to a social group. Stereotypes can describe people of certain race, nationality, gender, social class, occupation, or due to their belonging to any other social group. These characteristics display all members of any group acting in the same way which is actually impossible…. Read More →

Interracial Marriage Then and Now essay sample

    In the past century, the US acknowledged rights and freedoms of racial and gender groups.  Emancipation of women came along with the legal views of homosexuals and broader opportunities for African Americans. In 1967, interracial marriage became legal in all fifty states. According to Census data,  nearly 3 percent of all marriages were… Read More →

 Racial Segregation in Cities essay sample

    American cities look like a patchwork with their racially miscellaneous population grouped according to the color of their skin. Racial minorities usually find social inclusion difficult, because limited economic opportunities and career prospects simply do not allow them to mix up with the Caucasian majority. Racial segregation is obvious in metropolitan areas where… Read More →

Educated people should volunteer as literacy tutors essay sample

    Illiteracy can be seen not merely in the developing countries but worldwide. According to the national survey, about 15 percent of American adults cannot read. The same refers to nearly 20 percent of high school graduates, and another 20 percent of adults have a basic reading level. The rate of illiteracy has not… Read More →

What should the role of the United Nations be? essay sample

    As devastation and recession took the lead all over the globe after World War II, international cooperation and security became essential to the affected societies. The United Nations was created to assure peace all over the world and prevent future conflicts. The organization was concerned with  a range of economic, social, and humanitarian… Read More →

The effects of marrying before completion of school essay sample

    Marriage is an experience which will determine the whole future life. There is no need to repeatedly put a stress upon the responsibilities people take creating such a durable bond. Early marriages are frequently notorious, nevertheless, some couples who have been living a long and happy life confess that they got married as… Read More →

A National Health Insurance Program should exist to guarantee basic medical care of all Americans regardless of income essay sample

    Medical insurance is an extremely problematic issue to the low-income Americans. Benefits of the insurance are obvious: it covers the expenses of regular examinations as well as numerous health care services which are inevitable in case the illness has been revealed. Bills for these services may jump sky high for uninsured individuals which… Read More →

Psychiatrists and psychologists should testify in court on behalf of the non-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity plea essay sample

    The insanity defense is a serious claim which may have various consequences. On the one hand, it protects mentally ill people who cannot bear responsibility due to their psychiatric condition; on the other hand, it may be a way for dangerous criminals to escape justice.  Insanity is a criminal term rather than psychological,… Read More →

Billboards should be outlawed on interstate highways essay sample

    Informational pollution is inevitable in the industrialized world. Commercials follow us everywhere irrespective of whether we want to see them or not. They are often repetitive and annoying, but they also can be quite nice and useful. Today, people thoroughly protect their informational space trying to cut off spam, online ads, and notifications… Read More →

Chronic mental patients should be housed in “halfway houses” in the community rather than suffer further in mental hospitals essay sample

    Patients with chronic mental illnesses always need an individual approach and proper healthcare. But regular intake of medical treatment is not enough for recovery. Despite patients may perceive a distorted reality, they are perfectly aware of the setting and attitudes of other people. If treated as mentally ill, individuals exacerbate their conditions and… Read More →

The reforming of the school system essay sample

  Education reform has been on the agenda for several decades. In 1970, American schools had the highest rate of graduation around the world. However, it did not remain the same for a long time, and today high schools across the US show the lowest graduation level. About 25 percent of high school students cannot… Read More →

A border fence will not solve the immigration problem essay sample

    When the illegal migration is acute, constructing solid walls seems to be the only rescue from the flow of migrants. On the one hand, it is comparatively easy just to build a hurdle which will not allow people to leak through the borders unnoticed by the guards. But this way of solving problems… Read More →

It is important to have equal representation of genders and races in political office essay sample

    Apparently, women and racial minorities are underrepresented in the American politics. Both on the federal and local levels, female politicians and people of color are outnumbered by white males. Perhaps, this fact originates from the conservative tradition. For centuries, ruling and issuing legislation was an exceptionally male business. Today, men and women have… Read More →

Students should not be pushed to compete at athletics essay sample

  All parents want their children to be energetic, cheerful, and outgoing. Alongside, they wish to develop the competitiveness and leadership in kids to prepare them for the adult life. Playing sports seems to be the easiest way to engage in competition and have fun with friends. Nevertheless, not all children like team sports and… Read More →

Should churches work harder to be multi-racial? essay sample

    Today we already got used to thinking that religion unites people. Perhaps, it is partially true. People who traditionally believe in the same God socialize within their church so that they develop a strong identity inherent to their group. Previously, church concentrated on differentiating people according to their confession and adherence to any… Read More →