The Clothing Marketed to Young People is Needlessly Expensive essay sample

    Appreciation of brand clothing is strongly connected with the desire to gain admiration and respect of others. Some people buy expensive clothes because they want to impress their peers, others choose them to underline their social status, and someone may just like the quality of this particular brand. Today the amount of advertising… Read More →

High School Sports Are Leading to Too Many Injuries essay sample

  High school athletes are as prone to injuries just as professional athletes. Parents whose children go in for sports have already got used to seeing their kids more or less injured – grazes, bruises, and strains are simply unavoidable. Nevertheless, sometimes young athletes come out of competition with fractions and more severe injuries. Both… Read More →

Students Who Volunteer on Campus Should Receive a Tuition Break essay sample

    Volunteering has quickly spread among college and high school students. By this time, many K-12 schools supplemented their curricula with service learning disciplines, and high schools require their students to spend certain hours in community service before they graduate. Colleges, in their turn, take into account student’s experience in volunteering. Community service is… Read More →

Make Athletic Facilities Available to All Students essay sample

      Getting higher education is much more than just attending lectures and seminars. Athletic facilities offered by universities make educational establishments famous and attract students from around the world. About 400 000 male and female student-athletes annually participate in competitions held on state and national level. Students who demonstrate outstanding academic and athletic… Read More →

Why “Quiet Hours” Should be Enforced in the Dorms essay sample

    Life in a dormitory is always a useful, unforgettable, and sometimes tough experience. Having arrived at campus, not all students feel ready to start this new life where they have to manage all duties on their own without relying on parents. But alongside with responsibilities, students living on campus also have a freedom… Read More →

The School Should Make Free Tutoring Available essay sample

    Free tutoring is available to some categories of children under the federal No Child Left Behind law. Districts are usually required to notify parents if their children are eligible for free tutoring, but often parents need to do research on the school policies themselves. Children qualified for free tutors usually get a reduced-price… Read More →

Why Dorms Should (or Shouldn’t) Be Co-Ed essay sample

    Coed dormitories make up a majority of students’ housing across the US. Male and female students very seldom complain about people of the opposite sex unless they are disrupting their sleep with heated parties. Same-sex housing is rather a domain of religious educational institutions which pursue yet other goals except for providing students… Read More →

Creating a Women’s Center at School essay sample

    By the present moment, numerous educational establishments have women’s centers on campus. They function as resource centers for students, faculty, staff, and a local community who are interested in promoting women’s issues. As the American society moves towards the broader gender equity, the existence of such centers is a step forward in the… Read More →

Campus / School Security is Too Tough essay sample

    Most mothers who can afford schools with all the possible security confide that they fear terrorists who can possibly reach their kids. Overblown fears of mass shootings with every year occur more and more frequently to American parents despite the evidence that school violence is an unusual occurrence in America. According to the… Read More →

Businesses Should Offer Transportation To and From Work essay sample

    As a matter of fact, numerous companies across the US have already implemented the system of corporate transportation. They use shuttles which pick up employees from public transit hubs and take them to the workplace. Similarly, in the evening shuttles transport staff back to these locations. More and more employers consider benefits of… Read More →

Why Students With Jobs Should Have More Time for Assignments essay sample

    Every high-school or college graduate who once had a part-time job knows how difficult it is to combine curriculum with work. Teachers frequently report that those teenagers who work in their free time dropped in their performance even if they are smart students. They blame a constant lack of time which creates no… Read More →