Law on arbitration system essay sample

    Arbitration is a helpful technique for solving disputes in case when parties do not wish to apply to court. Under the arbitration law, disputes refer to a neutral party or arbitrator which has to make a binding decision. Arbitration is frequently used for a settlement of commercial, labor or international disputes. An arbitrator… Read More →

Basic purpose of commercial law essay sample

    Business organizations can exist and properly function due to the principles imposed by commercial law. This legislative branch creates certain standards so that numerous businesses could coexist contributing to the state budget without making any harm to competitors. Commercial law is also concerned with rights and duties of the suppliers of goods and… Read More →

International criminal law essay sample

    International criminal law is a subdivision of public international law which concentrates on the punishment of the individuals who committed acts defined by international law as crimes. The notion of international crimes has a broad interpretation, nevertheless, it usually concerns genocides, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and the crimes of aggression. Issues of… Read More →

Law of omissions liability essay sample

    Classically, the evidence of committed crime requires the act which caused the damage as well as the intention of the person who committed this act. Nevertheless, there are liability crimes which do not require criminal’s intention to harm others. Sometimes crimes can be committed by omissions which happen if people fail to perform… Read More →

Problematising state interest and public orders essay sample

    State interests and public orders are the drives which determine the domestic and international activity of the government. State interest is a comprehensive term which refers to any matter of a public concern which is regulated by the government in a legislative way. Normally, legislation meets public interests which means that state interests… Read More →

Homicide reform essay sample

    The law of homicide in England and Wales has been criticized for a long time before it finally underwent reform. In 2006, the Law Commission stated that some provisions of the legislation have not changed since the seventeenth century. The basis of the law appeared outdated as even previous reforms made by Parliament… Read More →

Application of structuralism in English literature essay sample

    Structuralism gave a rise to the improved literary criticism. The linguistic methodology which perceives a text as a system with a certain structure allows finding hidden connection between the individual, the social, and the unconscious constituents of the text. In fact, under the term “text” structuralists mean the whole world as any document… Read More →

The crisis of third world countries essay sample

    Developing countries experience crisis in numerous spheres of economic and social life, however, the world is most concerned about their debts.  Since the 1970s, Western banks loaned a huge amount of money for the implementation of large-scale development projects. Perhaps, it is natural for the rich economies to provide aid to the poor,… Read More →

The lifestyle of Elizabethan period essay sample

    The reign of Queen Elizabeth I was the golden age in English history and it is also the time of Renaissance in this country. The Elizabethan period is usually associated with the rich nobles dressed in embroidered clothes and their extravagant living in grand palaces. However, famous Elizabethans we know from period dramas… Read More →

The significance of historical facts essay sample

    The significance of learning history cannot be doubted. This subject gives us a basic understanding of what our ancestors came through and how we can move forward using their experience stated in manuals. There can be a lot of guesswork with some historical events, but to the greater extent, facts become a history… Read More →

The effectiveness of Laissez faire education system essay sample

    Today parents have a great variety of educational establishments to choose the best one for their children. Public or private schools have a different approach to students, and the content of their curricula varies too. Under laissez-faire education system we mean alternative schools and methods of schooling which let children explore science on… Read More →

Multiculturalism and pop culture essay sample

    The modern globalized world is a kaleidoscope of cultures. Travel, migration, cross-national social networks and other means of globalization underline that our planet is a home to a great variety of people with skin color, language, and traditions that differ from ours. The notion of multiculturalism appeared in the late twentieth century when… Read More →

Marxist analysis of Authoritarian government essay sample

    Social and economic theories of Marxism emerged after the Industrial Revolution transformed the Western society in the nineteenth century. Karl Marx’s revolutionary views on politics and social organization remain quite controversial till these days. Political ideologies which derived from Classical Marxism such as Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism, and Maoism were applied to the communist societies… Read More →

Ambiguity in language essay sample

    Hidden implications and ambiguity of expressions frequently pose an obstacle to communication. A kind of ambivalence may arise between two native speakers in their everyday interaction, not even to mention those who learn any foreign language. Lexical units of different languages possess a different amount of ambiguity which creates a barrier for foreign… Read More →

Internet memes – a micro representation of hegemonic culture essay sample

    Internet memes became an inevitable part of the digital world. They come in different forms such as images, videos or hashtags, however, in most cases, they are pictures of a person or animal with a funny or provocative caption underneath. They spread incredibly fast, especially these days when content which is interesting or… Read More →

The reasons of social tensions in 19th century in Britain essay sample

      Before World War I, Great Britain was a prosperous empire on the global scale. The country had its territories on four continents and was a perfect model of international trade and commerce. The US and Germany developed their potential fast, however, Great Britain was the most technologically advanced country in the world… Read More →

Cultural impact of women daily soap actors essay sample

    The entertainment industry would be impossible to imagine without daily soap operas. Naive, silly, or ridiculous, they remain popular among women all around the world. Reflecting family life and daily routine, however, these series do not convey real roles of men and women in the modern society quite faithfully. East or West, soap… Read More →

Future scope for commercial space flight essay sample

    The commercial space flight industry started in the late twentieth century and sufficiently developed by this time. Though commercial space trips are yet to come, companies like XCOR Aerospace, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic actively develop their space tourism vehicles. According to Jeff Greason, a co-founder of the spaceflight company XCOR, the industry… Read More →

Study on big-bang theory essay sample

    Among the numerous theories concerning the appearance of the universe, the Big Bang theory takes leading positions. Current technologies allow astronomers to make mere assumptions concerning what the universe looked like billions of years ago. However, they allowed scientists to capture the “echo” of the background radiation left after the Big Bang. According… Read More →

Gene therapy essay sample

    A plenty of diseases which cannot be properly cured by the current healthcare tools and drugs pushes scientists to search for alternative ways of treatment. Gene therapy is one of the experimental techniques which promises to get rid of incurable diseases once and for all. Gene therapy is an insertion of a life-saving… Read More →