Relation between Physical Illness and Stress essay sample

    The link between stress and illnesses may not be visible to everyone, nevertheless, it exists. People who stay under the constant pressure never remain completely healthy for a long time and develop some disease. From the very beginning, scientists doubted that these diseases have any relations to stress in particular. Nevertheless, the recent… Read More →

How Does Over Crowding Affect Human Beings? essay sample

    Imagining our planet, we can hardly assume that carrying capacity of Earth is exceeded by the human population. Advancements in technology, industrialization, and globalization induce people create densely populated areas and survive there. Overpopulation is considered to be a global environmental issue which affects both human beings and wild nature. The entire governments… Read More →

Effects of Postpartum Depression on the Mother and Child essay sample

    Postpartum depression is one of the unpleasant consequences which comes along with a pregnancy. The whole nine months may seem like a real challenge to a family as the mood of a pregnant woman can be hardly predicted. As the moment of childbirth comes, everyone expects to release the tension and live a… Read More →

Teenage Suicide: Why it Happens and What to do About it essay sample

    The risk of suicide exists when a person feels quite helpless and desperate. The age of adolescence is that line when kids become unable to cope with the stress and take ill-considered decisions. Nevertheless, not all teens are equally prone to suicide which makes them react to stressors differently. For parents, it is… Read More →

How Does In-store Music Influence Product Selection? essay sample

    Background music is an important component of the retailers’ marketing strategy. It can influence the flow of customers and their choice in every particular store. When it comes to music, managers take into consideration everything from the genre of songs to their volume. Music usually depends on the type of a shop and… Read More →

List of Phobias and their Effect on Personality essay sample

    The feeling of fear is essential for all people. When scared by something, we react very quickly and it helps us to avoid a potential threat to life. But phobias are something different. A phobia is an irrational stable fear associated with a certain objects or phenomena. Many of us have more than… Read More →

Long-lasting Marriages and the Psychology Behind them essay sample

    The feeling of romantic love is deeply carved into our subconscious. People of all ages and cultures strive to be engaged in long-lasting romantic relationships which will provide constant inspiration and comfort. However, not all individuals who strive for eternal love usually find it. About 40 percent of all marriages end up in… Read More →

Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace Through Sports Psychology essay sample

    Some occupations are more stressful, the other are less, but we cannot deny that every job has its own specific difficulties. They all are investigated by workplace psychology, the science which highlights major stressors and provides approaches to cope with them. However, there are more psychological sciences which do not seem to be… Read More →

The Homeless and their Psychological Problems essay sample

    The link between the homeless and mental disorders is quite a strong one. Observing all those miserable people sleeping on the benches and wandering in the streets, passers-by think that they are simply alcoholics and addicts who have no family to care about them. But every now and then we can catch that… Read More →

Shyness in Adults: Causes and Consequences essay sample

    Shyness seems to be non-American. The nation of individualists, active and sociable people, cannot dim its prominent image with the concept of shyness. Nevertheless, researchers conclude that nearly half of respondents in their polls describe themselves as shy people. They cannot force themselves to be as confident and easy-going as television personalities and… Read More →

Effects of Designer Babies on Society essay sample

  Genetic engineering has brought parents an appealing opportunity to make their children possess only positive features and good health. Such good intentions cannot be blamed as every parent want  only the best of luck to their kids. However, the possibility of a generation with some amount of absolutely perfect humans awakes concern in advocates… Read More →

Can Stringent Laws Force Morality? essay sample

    Legislative system of every country is targeted at the regulation of relationships between people and their environment. Laws are always agreed with the norms of morality to some extent and encourage people to keep up with the social and cultural standards established in their community. However, not all people are naturally altruistic, and… Read More →

Teenage Sexting and its Consequences essay sample

    Sexting has greatly evolved with the appearance of social networks. Today sending a picture of someone naked is easy as never due to the countless web resources which transmit images. With the rising popularity of such a compromising activity, sexting awareness of parents and legislators increased as well. Sexting became especially dangerous in… Read More →

Dating Violence Among Teens essay sample

  Dating violence is a serious problem which can spoil all positive memories of one’s adolescence. Many youngsters, especially boys, are convinced that they dominate over their romantic partners. Domination is usually expressed through assault or threats. Violent people do not accept their partners disobey, and are ready to abuse them physically. Those who have… Read More →

Situations Leading to Cutting Yourself Disorder essay sample

    Self-harm may reflect the agonies of adolescence, and such a behavior scares parents to death. It is not a normal manifestation of coping with difficulties; psychologists usually associate self-injuries with mental disorders and underline that children who cut themselves need a help. Self-harm has no strict time limitation. This practice is more common… Read More →

Stress and Preterm Delivery essay sample

    All people regularly experience stresses, and pregnant women do not make an exception. Rich or poor, business-women or unemployed ones, fears of approaching childbirth and parenting are common to all of them. Doctors warn them that excessive stress can harm a child to various extent. According to European studies, distressed mothers-to-be have higher… Read More →

Link Between Television and Obesity essay sample

  The impact of TV, computer, and video games on a child’s health has always interested anxious parents. Researchers continue to look for the evidence which could explain why children became so obese today, and television became one of the factors which accelerate obesity. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital calculated Body Mass Index of teens… Read More →

America’s Obsession with Fast Food essay sample

    Historians suspect that America’s obsession with fast food has started a long time ago. Nevertheless, all people agree that this tendency has reached its peak at the present moment. Due to certain factors, today Americans eat as much fast food as never before which is instantly reflected in the obesity rates. Food is… Read More →