Reasons and consequences of introvert behavior in adults essay sample

    Introversion and extroversion were mentioned by Carl Jung in his mental or psychological traits theory. People tend to combine features of both personality types in their everyday life, however,  one of them is usually dominant. People may reveal it from how well they get on with new people and how they like to… Read More →

The ethical and legal aspects of gay adoption essay sample

    When a gay or a lesbian couple decides to adopt a baby and start their own family, they face a long legal procedure. Legislation of adoption for same-sex couples is even more complicated than for heterosexual couples. Across the US, every state has its own legal requirements and some states forbid adoption for… Read More →

How can you form and change a habit? essay sample

    Positive or negative, habits are immanent to all people. It is always easy to develop a habit (especially unintentionally) and difficult to get rid of it. The mechanism of forming a habit does not sound too complex. After a person has learned something new, there is a three-stage process which turns it into… Read More →

Understanding the psychology of sex workers essay sample

    Sex workers seem to be reckless people who are so much in need of fast money that they do not see another way out of the situation than to become a prostitute. In a survey conducted in Denmark, major respondents said that they chose this path while experiencing financial difficulties. However, a certain… Read More →

What are the effects of colors on different mental states? essay sample

    Color is an element which is believed to impact the status, well-being, and health of people in many cultures. Psychologists attribute various properties to colors which are further taken into account by people working in various businesses and industries. Due to the evidence that each color influences human perception and behavior in a… Read More →

Understanding solitary confinement and its effects essay sample

    Supermax prisons became more popular over the last decades. If earlier prisoners stood in solitary confinement for a short time, today many correctional facilities segregate prisoners on a regular basis. Solitary confinement may be of two types. The first one is a disciplinary segregation which takes place when prisoners violate established rules. They… Read More →

Understanding the psychology of homophobes essay sample

    The fact that many people still have strictly negative attitudes to the LGBT groups is undeniable. Sexual minorities are more likely to experience humiliation and threat from the individuals with radical views. The mass shooting which happened in Orlando, Florida, confirms that sexual minorities are still in danger of haters’ attacks. By this… Read More →

Why is the divorce rate rising? essay sample

    The increased rates of divorces do not surprise anyone in the Western societies. The rise is believed to happen due to a number of legal, social, economic and cultural changes which happened for the last fifty years. Divorce as breaking up the marriage on the consent of the spouses came into legal practices… Read More →

The effect of different phobias on your personality essay sample

    Anxiety and fear never lead to anything good happening to our lives. Phobias are not mental disorders or their predecessors: normally, most people on the planet have some type of phobia. Linked to a certain object or situation, phobias do not bother people every time, unlike anxiety disorder, for example. However, people who… Read More →

Is it important to have school uniforms? essay sample

    The statement that all students of K-12 schools shall wear uniforms became rather controversial these days. If earlier the point of wearing uniforms was not on the agenda, things changed by this time. As the number of students  in general increased, kids of the poor parents obtained a chance for secondary education. Consequently,… Read More →

What are the reasons behind long lasting marriages? essay sample

    According to the polls, only 7 percent of current marriages in the US have reached to the 50 years point. Living such a long time together is a dream to many couples, nevertheless, not all of them can stay strong in their marriage during to the emerging circumstances.  But still, a few couples… Read More →

How does sports psychology help promote mental health in different workplaces? essay sample

    Sports psychology deals mostly with enhancing performance and well-being of athletes.  While coaches are more interested in their physical health and abilities, sports psychologists work to decrease mental tension upon sportsmen. It is clear that sports pose a bigger challenge than other occupations on the employees. They require full concentration on the goals… Read More →

Understanding the psychological problems of the homeless people essay sample

    The homeless make up one of the most troubled social layers. Having no regular income, they are deprived of basic accommodation, food, health insurance. Most homeless individuals are unsheltered and live in the streets. To cope with the problem, it is important to understand that the homeless experience a range of mental difficulties… Read More →

Pros and Cons of Hypnosis essay sample

    Hypnotherapy is an alternative way of treatment for patients with mental conditions or psychological issues which reflect on their physical health. It is successfully used to mute pain during minor surgeries and childbirth instead of anesthesia. The major point of hypnotherapy is to avoid medication without lowering the quality of treatment. This method… Read More →

How and why are attractive people treated differently than the non-attractive ones? essay sample

    Appearances make us perceive and treat all people differently. Good-looking individuals always evoked appreciation and approval of the others. Though standards of beauty changed and fashion went round, regular and clear-cut facial features remained to be symbols of the sheer beauty. Slim figure and fancy attire make people visually stand out among their… Read More →

Different kinds of torture and their various effect essay sample

    Various watchdog groups which monitor the situation in prisons all over the world confirm that torture still exists in many of them. One of the notorious examples is Guantanamo Bay detention camp where most heinous tortures were reported to repeatedly take place.  By 2016, most detainees have been transferred to facilities in the… Read More →

How is intelligence determined by the environment and genetics? essay sample

    The question of whether the IQ can be inherited bothered scientists for a long time. Human intelligence is a difficult object to study mainly because it can be defined and measured differently. Most scientists define intelligence as the ability to learn from experiences and adapt to the changing environment. By this they mean… Read More →

Analyzing harsh capital punishment for the sex offenders essay sample

    State legislation concerning capital punishment varies from one state to another. Most states acknowledge murder which results from rape to be a capital crime. However, the rape which does not result in death does not fall under the death penalty. The practice was readopted in the US in 1976, and no one was… Read More →