Research on desktop nano-fabrication tool essay sample

    Nanotechnologies can bring innovations to the numerous fields of science or manufacturing including electronics and medicine. Recently, nano-printing was associated exceptionally with multibillion-dollar facilities which produced nano-sized electronic components. Nevertheless, the team of Northwestern’s International Institute for Nanotechnology headed by its director Chad Mirkin created the first desktop nano-fabrication tool in 2013. The… Read More →

Study on infectious diseases essay sample

    Infectious diseases continually evolve and mutate which raises a concern of the scientists. From common cold to AIDS and malaria, infectious diseases target people of all social classes everywhere in the world. Today, most schools and colleges of public health provide courses in infectious diseases. These programs are multidisciplinary as students learn from… Read More →

Relation between computer science and robotics essay sample

  Robotics is not only very close to the related sciences such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. It is rather an interdisciplinary field which encompasses all these sciences and is build on their principles. At first sight, constructing and improving robots seems to be quite a challenging task. Due to the complexity… Read More →

Reducing CO2 emission with the help of nano-materials essay sample

    Nanomaterials are already widely used in numerous industries. They are present in cosmetics, food packaging, electronics, medicine. However, Australian scientists have recently found out the way to apply nanotechnologies to reduce CO2 emissions from coal-powered plants. The major industry in the country is based on the fossil fuels which certainly affect the environment…. Read More →

Implication of nanotechnology in medical science essay sample

    Nanotechnology is frequently treated as a revolutionary scientific invention. Perhaps, it is correct due to the widest range of applicability which made nanotechnology essential to every sphere of human activity. From construction and electronics to medicine and cosmetics, the new technology creates innovative materials using super tiny nano-particles which allow making ordinary materials… Read More →

The significance of science museums in teaching essay sample

    Science centers and museums are essential to the process of studying because they provide a vivid demonstration of objects and phenomena under the student’s research. They allow having a closer look at the artifacts and models constructed to explain basic facts from the different fields of study. Perhaps, every student has been to… Read More →

How sleep helps us to survive? essay sample

    Sleep and eating are the essential mechanisms which help us to maintain normal conditions for life. If sufficient food provides us with the energy and material for building tissues, sleep is the way no normalize hormonal imbalance which emerges during the day.  Hours of rest help us to recharge our batteries and allow… Read More →

The aspect of space exploration essay sample

    Exploration of space has always been a fascinating and challenging task. The better human civilization develops, the more we want to know about the origin and processes which are currently taking place in our global environment – the universe. Up to this point, astronomic discoveries brought us a plenty of evidence that the… Read More →

Dark energy and its relation with universe essay sample

    Explaining constituents of the universe is not easy even at the current stage of astronomic progress. Today we know that the universe is full of solid objects which are grouped together and, certainly, of energy. But if we have plenty of data on planets, stars, and their properties, energy remains to be an… Read More →

Paleo diet and its effectiveness essay sample

    The Paleolithic diet which only recently reached the peak of its popularity received some portion of ambiguous treatment from the nutritionists just like many other diets did. The diet encourages us to follow eating habits of our ancient forefathers. For ages, people ate what could be hunted, fished, and taken from nature. Clearly,… Read More →

Chronic fatigue and its cure essay sample

    Surely, everyone experienced fatigue at least few times in their life. It usually comes along with the inflammatory seasonal diseases such as a cold or indicates towards regular hormonal changes in woman’s organism. Perhaps, it is normal to feel worn-out in such critical times, and there is definitely no wonder why people remain… Read More →

Autism and its remedies essay sample

    Taking into account the steadily rising statistics of children diagnosed with autism, parents become more anxious about causes and treatment of the disorder. It is so devastating to see how a child grows reserved and distracted, does not speak or smile to parents. As the diagnosis comes out of a clear sky, shocked… Read More →

The positive impact of microbial factories on the raw materials essay sample

    Microbial factories are non-pathogenic microorganisms which transform the materials on the input and endow them with the new qualities. The simplest and most obvious example of a microbial factory is biodegradability. All living beings created by nature sooner or later die and undergo decay. During this process, bacterial organisms present in the environment… Read More →

Why is it Important to Impart Sexual Education to Young Children? essay sample

    The debates on sexual education and its quality continue to drag more public attention. Modern parents are well aware of the necessity to protect their kids from potential threat brought by an early initiation in a sexual life. Abstinence-only programs have proven their obsolete non-scientific nature and were successfully succeeded by comprehensive sex… Read More →

Different Stages of Human Development essay sample

    Human development is a complex process which continues up to the senile age. Lifelong people learn new skills, acquire new accommodation to the environment, use their previously-learned experience. Even after the birth, people already have certain physical or mental genetic experiences. Except for biological stages of human development, there is a classification of… Read More →

Does Gender Affect Memory? essay sample

    Taking into account intellectual and cognitive skills, there is no doubt in the fact that they depend on the person’s gender. In general, males have better spatial skills and females succeed in verbal skills. Numerous studies have shown that gender affects person’s activity in certain tasks. Both estrogen and testosterone affect cognitive skills… Read More →

Mental Development of Special Children essay sample

    Special needs are individual requirements in education which essential for children with physical or mental disabilities. Numerous mental and emotional disorders are diagnosed in little kids as they fail to demonstrate intellectual skills and abilities common at their age. Retardation in mental development depends on another specific reason for each disorder. Children with… Read More →

Human Development – Conception to Old Age essay sample

    Through the lifetime human body undergoes fabulous transformations. In their first day of life, all babies look alike. As they grow, kids develop individuality; teenagers strive to differentiate a little from their peers and be special. In the adulthood, people reveal the whole potential in their hobbies, occupation, family life. In the end,… Read More →

Short Term and Long Term Memory essay sample

  Memory is a fascinating human ability to recollect pieces of knowledge and experience years after we first heard them. Memorizing is a unique mechanism regulated by our brain which sorts the information out according to its importance and transfers it either to the short term or long term memory.  People suppose that they have… Read More →