The Worst Jobs for Students essay sample

    Students who work in their free time know how challenging it is to combine a job with education. For this reason, they need to be sure that they at least earn enough to provide for their life on campus. Not even to mention some hours to rest from a straining self-study. Unfortunately, numerous… Read More →

The Best Jobs for Students essay sample

    Having a part-time job is a nice opportunity for a student to earn a little money or experience in their field. Certainly, most high school and college students want to have their own salary and spend it at their own discretion even if their parents pay for campus and tuition. Experience is another… Read More →

Why One Should (or Shouldn’t) Get a Job While in High School essay sample

    The rate of employment among high school and college students in the US reaches 10-15 percent at the present moment. The number of working students reduced due to various economic factors over the last years. Nevertheless, a certain number of students work unofficially and are not registered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics…. Read More →

Businesses Should Hire More Young People essay sample

    Gone are the times when children of the working class had to search for a job to help their parents earn a living. Today the government monitors and precludes violation of underage workers’ rights, and it is quite common for a student to have a part-time job after classes. Young people seek some… Read More →

Market-making and intermediation essay sample

      In the capital markets, people got used to buying and selling a stock in a moment. As soon as a broker has processed the order, the transaction is successful. This process is so easy because of the existence of market maker waiting for the transaction on the other side. Market makers are… Read More →

Ethnic and cross-cultural entrepreneurship essay sample

    Business researchers claim that the connection between entrepreneurship and social groups of different origins and genders really exist. Entrepreneurship obviously takes place within a certain culture which creates a social demand which is further satisfied by entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial behaviors directly depend on the cultures and their diversity. Economic studies reveal that countries with… Read More →

Team effectiveness and team dynamics essay sample

    Team effectiveness is measured by the percentage of people in a group who actually make efforts which push the business forwards. It does not imply a personal contribution of every worker they make while performing their direct duties; team effectiveness rather characterizes a group as a body every part of which is highly… Read More →

Study on leadership dysfunctions essay sample

    Dysfunctional leadership has become almost a norm for numerous corporations as people in power constantly face new duties. To understand which practices can be observed as dysfunctional it is necessary to determine essential features of a leader. A leader is the person in power who works hard and has clear and legitimate goals,… Read More →

Distributed leadership essay sample

    From the perspective of distributed leadership, the governing function does not come down merely to the individuals in positions of authority. Perhaps, people at the lower levels of organization also have the leadership talent and capability to influence and make decisions. In complex organizations, leadership can be distributed across the companies to so… Read More →

Management in creative and cultural organization essay sample

    Managing the activity of creative groups is not the same as business management in its traditional meaning. Actually, leading a creative effort does not resemble any other form of management. Creative leaders have to realize that innovations happen not because a genius has a flash of inspiration but through the collaboration including numerous… Read More →

Analysis of organizational issues from the aspect of Lacanian study essay sample

    Ideas of French psychoanalyst Jaques Lacan regarding studies of organizations appeared quite odd as they interfered with the traditional theories of Freud and Klein. Lacanian ideas involved the impact of human needs, demands, and desires to explain an organization theory. Organization emerges as a result of constant development and change. According to Lacan,… Read More →

Analysis on powers in organization essay sample

    An organization is a hierarchical structure every part of which is coordinated by higher ranks. Generally, managers, directors, and CEO are people who possess power in businesses and corporations. Their main goal is to assure smooth functioning of the organization. This target is achieved by control, governing, supervision of junior employees. While the… Read More →

Professions and elites essay sample

  A recent survey conducted among people who occupy top jobs in Britain has shown that most of the highly-paid professionals in various occupations attended private schools or prestigious colleges. Despite the graduates of public schools and average colleges continually improve their well-being, the evidence of privately educated elite is prevailing. About a century ago,… Read More →

Class, race, and gender in workplace essay sample

    Corporate ethics referring class, race, and gender issues strongly differ across the Western world. While some companies seem quite friendly towards employees of a different race or gender, a certain amount of jobs come together with discrimination. Every now and then we hear that some friends of our friends have bosses who do… Read More →

Limits and morals of Markets essay sample

  In the modern world, the power of market seems to be excessive. Well-being is usually measured in one’s purchasing power, and the range of goods and services for sale has greatly increased. However, there must be some moral line which separates trade in commodities from values which are beyond money. The division between what… Read More →

Relativism and ethical pluralism essay sample

    Ethical absolutism, relativism, and pluralism are different approaches towards ethical dilemmas. In certain situations, we need to distinguish behaviors which are right and doings which are totally wrong, and it does not seem a difficult task. But as we continue thinking on problematic issues, we may find them controversial. Finally, we may come… Read More →

Role of international business and organization essay sample

    International commercial organizations pursue rather global goals. Such prominent structures like the World Trade Organization, the International Chamber of Commerce, and Council of Europe develop solutions for the most urgent issues and contribute to the global economy in general. They gather and share ideas and interact with the leaders of industries and governments… Read More →

Corporate manslaughter essay sample

    The crime of corporate manslaughter is specifically recognized under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 provides that corporations stay accountable for the damage which arose due to the serious management failings and resulted in a person’s death. Before corporate manslaughter was legally specified, companies could… Read More →