It should be legally made mandatory for adoptive parents to allow biological parents access to the children they gave birth to essay sample

      Adoptive parents frequently face the problem that their children are a little detached from their new family. Despite a good care and positive intentions of the family, kids may be obsessed with the necessity to find their biological parents. Many young people want to ask why their true mom made a heartless… Read More →

Why the all-male court culture doesn’t work essay sample

    Most contemporary courts are traditionally occupied with white and male judges. Female judges reach the 30 percent point in the US courts which allows assuming that they are underrepresented in the courtrooms. However, nearly a half of the law students across the country are female. At the same time, the principles of fair… Read More →

Implanted GPS systems threaten privacy essay sample

    Implantation of RFID tracking systems is a common case for pets and other animals which need an easy tracking in case they get lost. The common implants, however, do not use GPS which makes it actually impossible to define whereabouts of the pet; it can rather be identified with the help of a… Read More →

Availability of HIV drug kits in drug stores essay sample

    Currently it is impossible to cure HIV/AIDS, however, patients can support their organism and live a long life taking antiretroviral drugs. According to the World Health Organization, several million people in the world depend on ARV drugs. The situation is especially acute in the developing world where, on the one hand, people transmit… Read More →

Chip implants in pets for identification essay sample

    The practice of microchipping is widely spread among pet shelters, clinics, breeders, farms,  stables, and other organizations which place several animals or more. High technologies help them to identify pets and find their owners which help to avoid expenses on housing, outplacing and euthanasia. Chips are a little bigger than a rice grain… Read More →

The use of stem cells from aborted babies to cure diseases essay sample

  Stem cell research cannot be conducted without embryonic material. To develop organs and tissues which are likely to save patient’s life, researchers take stem cells from human embryos. In most cases, they are supplied by fertility clinics which have this material produced by in vitro fertilization. Otherwise, stem cells are taken from living human… Read More →

The merits of genetically modified organisms, specifically transgenic crops essay sample

    Artificial selection for desired traits recently gave birth to genetic modification of plant and animal organisms. Advances in the field of genetic engineering allowed scientists to control modification and make existing species more accustomed to the conditions and demands of current agriculture and farming. Human interference, however,  to some extent disrupted the natural… Read More →

Mandatory implants of contraception against pregnancy for all until people obtain a license to have children. To conceive, both parents must be certified essay sample

    Today, many people still do not care much about a family planning. They take a childbirth for granted and treat children as a blessing whenever they come. Strangely, but those who do not appreciate becoming pregnant in tough times do not care about contraception as well. Unplanned children can be either loved or… Read More →

A non-college education for higher income possibilities. (A PhD Biologist earns less than a highly skilled aircraft engine mechanic.) essay sample

    Definite costs and ambiguous consequences of higher education impact all parents differently. Some  of them consider that the kids must get a college degree for no matter what (including debts and financial troubles) while the others believe there is no use to pay a small fortune to see how college graduates remain unemployed…. Read More →

Why One Needs Medical Insurance essay sample

    Most Americans do not really question the fact that health insurance is an essential thing. However, medical insurance is not always accessible to Americans. Taking into account the rate of unemployment, it becomes clear why so many people have no access to the healthcare. People who do not purchase health insurance take a… Read More →

Why Young People Are Not Too Young To Start Investing Their Money essay sample

    Starting their own business, young people inevitably make mistakes as they gain experience. Investing is no different. Mature colleagues never expect young investors to do everything up to scratch as it is just impossible. On the bright side, young people readily take risks and have enough time to recover from money-losing errors. Nevertheless,… Read More →

Landlords Should be More Willing to Rent to Young People Who Have Proven Themselves Responsible essay sample

    The problem with housing is rather global. It especially concerns students and young families. Many of them cannot afford themselves to buy housing, and students particularly have to keep track of their expenses. In such circumstances, finding cheap but deserving accommodation is a challenge. Despite there is a great demand for housing among… Read More →

Credit Cards That Try to Hook Young People Are Dangerous essay sample

    Commercials promoting credit cards are omniscient. Currently, a lot of Americans and especially teenagers use credit cards. The danger of these cards can be explained by the fact that people first get involved in taking a loan and then think whether it was a smart decision. Credit cards can be very helpful to… Read More →

Election Campaign Ads Aimed at Young People are Manipulative essay sample

    Every time the presidential election comes, most of us expect it to be highly manipulative. Perhaps, not every voter will notice hidden context in more or less standard political ads which contain unsophisticated and predictable slogans. Even if most conscious voters anticipate being misinformed and search for information on the candidates themselves, there… Read More →