The Use of Pesticides in Farms essay sample

    Most farmers who grow organic food need their harvest to be reach and untouched by pests. And large industrial farming companies take it as an essential condition for making profits on agriculture. The greater part of the corn and some wheat grown in the US is targeted for livestock. To keep food for… Read More →

Which Companies Supply Food to the US? essay sample

    Looking into our supermarket trolley, we clearly realize that multinational corporations have left no chance for the local farmers to thrive. Even if we do not take into account snacks and other processed food, practically all products we buy at the supermarket are supplied by big food industry giants. These companies and their… Read More →

Food Laws and Regulations essay sample

    The food system in the US is regulated at the federal and state level. Numerous organizations in this comprehensive system stay accountable for control over the food quality and supply. The Food and Drug Administration is one of the largest federal regulators. It oversees the retail and industries which serve food. The quality… Read More →

Does Social Media Promote Narcissism? essay sample

    Scientists claim that narcissism prevails in young people and frequently blame social networks for it. For the last few decades, teenagers must have changed the perception of themselves so that narcissistic personality traits are as frequent as symptoms of obesity. School psychologists claim that modern students are much more egocentric than their parents’… Read More →

Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Instagram: Who Uses Each and Why? essay sample

    For the last decade, quite a broad variety of social media websites started to compete for their users. Although Facebook with its 1,5 billion users has outrun the competitors, Twitter and Instagram are the next social networks with the biggest number of users. In fact, these websites serve different purposes, however, they all… Read More →

Social Networking in the New Millennium essay sample

    With the rapid growth of the online community, social media websites are not only a means of communication these days. Users work, entertain, and share content via Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and many others. Social networks have billions of users all over the world, however, these websites are still very young. LinkedIn and MySpace… Read More →

Social Media and Celebrities essay sample

    In the twenty-first century, stars are close to us as never before and space phenomena have nothing to do with that. Social media unite people all over the world and, in this case, assure interaction between stars and their fans. Online activity of famous people gives the impression that they are literally at… Read More →

Ratings and New Technologies: How Does Youth Watch Television? essay sample

    In the recent years, broadcasting companies see a steady change in habits of their audience. While older people remained committed to TV sets which accompanied them for the greater part of their life, the audience aged 35 and younger use other sources of entertainment. The advent of digital devices has certainly shifted youth’s… Read More →

What Commercials Play at What Times During the Day? essay sample

      A number of commercials on TV became pretty stunning these days. Shows and programs are interrupted by ads more frequently, and the same content often plays for two times in a raw. Most adults are easily annoyed by repetitive and silly commercials and try to avoid them using websites and online platforms… Read More →

Immigration and Assimilation essay sample

    Currently, immigration became a hot topic issue. The US, as well as numerous European countries, face an uncontrollable flow of migrants from developing countries which constantly increases. Governments do their best to stop as many immigrants as they can, but finally, a lot of foreigners settle in America. Sometimes they do it legally,… Read More →

Nationality and Pride: What Makes a Patriot? essay sample

    The notions of nationalism and patriotism are tightly interrelated and people frequently use them together. There is a slight difference between these concepts, however, they both imply love to one’s land. The only difference between the terms is that nationalism encompasses one’s affection for the culture of their nation, and patriotism is about… Read More →

How the Italians, and Irish Became “White” essay sample

    Ethnicity always determined social stratification of the American society. Today, racial minorities like African Americans and Hispanic are considered to be unprivileged social groups as compared to people who once emigrated from Europe. However, not all Europeans were considered “white” throughout the American history. In the nineteenth century, Irish, Italian, Jews and other… Read More →

Multicultural Society and the Dominant Culture essay sample

    Multiculturalism is an inevitable part of multi-ethnic societies. As immigrants flow, they bring parts of their native cultures along and enrich the culture of their new society which remains central. Dominant culture incorporates traditions and customs of the majority. As a rule, they are the traditions of the indigenous population. They naturally change… Read More →

Multi-Ethnic Individuals and their Position in Society essay sample

    Multi-ethnic societies are a norm of the modern world. Many countries have more or less stable rate of migration which means that native people mostly remain within their motherland.  But the rate of migration continues to increase around the world as more people try to escape from poverty or find a perfect place… Read More →

How Ethnicity Affects Class essay sample

    Similarly to race, ethnicity determines class differentiation of people. Ethnic minorities are frequently unprivileged social groups in the American society which is not much enthusiastic about the immigrants. Sometimes, they are even treated as flawed people: those who have to abandon their motherland and search for a better place to live must be… Read More →

Relationship Between Race and Educational Levels essay sample

    Belonging to a certain social class is always predetermined by the level of education. Employers who offer high wages for their jobs like to ask whether their applicants attended private high schools or graduated from classy universities. Surely, skills and abilities are crucial,  but diplomas from famous educational establishments always matter. Caucasian people… Read More →

Relationship Between Race and Class essay sample

    Relationships within the American society are predetermined by both race and social class. It is a normal situation that people easily get along with individuals of the same social environment which are determined by occupation, income, residence, education, hobbies and other activities. At the same time, many people treat individuals of a different… Read More →

Race Riots: What’s the Cause of Racial Unrest? essay sample

    Post-war America was a fertile ground for racial violence. More than twenty riots happened in summer of 1919 alone. In the period from 1915 to 1920, African Americans moved northward to fill the shortage of the labor force in big cities. The minority looked forward to a better employment and acknowledgment of rights… Read More →

Attitudes Toward Race and Police Brutality essay sample

    Racial bias is usually associated with actions of the police. The prejudice expressed by civil citizens does not influence people of color except for emotional distress, perhaps. But police actions are usually damaging and even fatal. According to the recent statistics, African Americans tend to be shot by the police 2.5 times more… Read More →