Punk: Anarchy, Rebellion, and Revolution essay sample

    Punks were one of the largest youth subcultures of the twentieth century. Punk rock emerged from the underground music of England and the United States. Clubs of the New York City promoted such bands like the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls which played the particular genre of anarchist music. Late twentieth… Read More →

Hip Hop Culture in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000s essay sample

    Due to the fast development of technologies, music which was popular decades ago has greatly transformed. Groups which once were popular came into musical history and former trends such as disco music are nearly forgotten. Hip hop culture, however, is still far from becoming outdated. Its vogue has already passed but a strong… Read More →

How Eating Habits Change Over Time essay sample

    Our dietary styles change with the development of technologies and emerging of new trends. Not only a basic consumer basket but also a size of portions and means of cooking transformed for the last 50 years. Vegetables are being replaced with processed food and portion sizes doubled and tripled. Formerly, people stuck to… Read More →

Attitudes Toward GMOs essay sample

    Among a variety of controversial issues, food safety is, perhaps, the most debated one. A fast rise in obesity rates and chronic health conditions made Americans think more about what they eat. Dietary habits and attitudes form under the influence of news, blogs, TV-shows, high school and university education. Researchers admit that education… Read More →

How the Media Advertises Food essay sample

    Advertising of food influences people to a different extent. Many companies pay more attention to children and teenagers. Fast food chains involve cartoons in the promotion of their products. A large part of the fast-food industry is oriented on children; obviously, parents will not refuse their precious kids when asked to attend their… Read More →

Vegetarians, Vegans, and Others with Personal Food Regulations essay sample

    There are not so many people who restrict themselves in certain types of food. The percentage of vegetarians on the planet is comparatively small, but all these people have different eating habits. There are several subtypes of vegetarians which are distinguished because they all refuse from consuming different animal products. Vegetarian is a… Read More →

Has Technology Changed the Way We Eat? essay sample

    Over the last decades, technology made a significant change in what we think and how we behave. Eating habits, shopping, and consumer choices are not an exception. Talking about our dietary styles, the internet with all the social networks and blogs promotes sustainable nutrition among its users. Technology provided a broad access to… Read More →

Are We What We Eat? A Study on Obesity essay sample

    Obesity is invading the entire world, however, not all ethnic groups are equally predisposed to it. Dozens of revolutionary facts on obesity are published every day as people are extremely interested why so many of them cannot keep fit for a long time. Hasty lifestyle is often blamed in spoiling eating habits. Fast… Read More →

Family Dinners and the Modern Day essay sample

    Modern lifestyle leaves little time for a family to spent together. Working night shifts, studying, having extracurricular activities, we have no opportunity of shared meals. Gone are the times when wives were mainly engaged in household duties, cooked, and waited for the family to gather for a dinner. Today, eating has a purely… Read More →

Where Do People Eat? essay sample

    Some decades ago, family breakfast and dinner were traditional in many households. Today we do not pay so much attention to conservative ways of eating anymore. Taking into account a busy rhythm of everyday life, eating out transforms from an entertainment to a necessity. In a hurry, many of us overlook an opportunity… Read More →

The Difference in Serving Sizes Over Time essay sample

    Trying to discover the reason of mass obesity, nutritionists have thoroughly investigated not only what we eat but also how much. Scientists claim that for the last 50 years a standard portion and serving size has doubled or even tripled. Take such average products as pies, crisps, pizza, muffins, and burgers which suddenly… Read More →

Food Packaging Messages essay sample

    Food packaging is a potent means for marketing specialists to reach more customers. While the latter expect a package to contain an explicit information about its content, marketing experts include the information which most people would appreciate. Every second product on the supermarket shelves is exceptionally natural and organic which certainly is far… Read More →

Import-Export Practices around the World essay sample

    Global trade is one of the main objectives of international communication. The diversity of products and specifics of manufacturing in different countries make foreign products appealing and create the demand. Export is a great advantage for domestic companies as they naturally broaden the range of their customers. International trade in food is a… Read More →

The Rise of “Organic” Farming essay sample

    Organic farming is very popular these days. Consumers who practice healthy eating habits insist on healthy and eco-friendly agriculture which produces quite different food from what we have on supermarket shelves today. Apparently, sustainable farming is something more than cultivating vegetables for sale. To make plants really nutritive and harmless to consumers, farmers… Read More →

Farmers Markets and The “Slow Food” Movement essay sample

    The slow food movement is a recent trend which promotes advantages of sustainable eating. It takes roots from Italy where environmentalist Carlo Petrini established a nonprofit organization with the same name in 1989. Since then, the Slow Food movement spread across 122 countries worldwide. Local groups of people who resist the temptation of… Read More →

The Seed Bank essay sample

  Storing seeds is essential to preserve the genetic diversity of plants on the planet. The tradition of preserving seeds in so-called “banks” started a few centuries ago, and today stored materials present historical and agricultural value. They are also called seed libraries which preserve not only biological material but information on strategies for enhancing… Read More →

Monsanto Seeds essay sample

    With the mass elation in the field of sustainable agriculture, farmers experience a certain rise in sales. Suppressed by corporations selling meat and vegetables at lower prices, local farmers expect that their business is on the right way. But modern customers are much more demanding today which means that people have to learn… Read More →