What is target market? essay sample

    Not all products manufactured by businesses are suitable for all consumers. It is always easier and more cost-effective to concentrate on a limited group of consumers launching a new product. The qualities of the product and its application define a certain segment of consumers who will be interested in purchasing these particular goods…. Read More →

What does advertising do? essay sample

    Advertising trespass on our private space affecting our lives when we do not expect them to do it. All of us are victims of advertising to some extent, which can be seen in our behavior. Advertisers do their best to make us like promoted products and purchase them instead of a range of… Read More →

Would it be better if the voting age was lowered to thirteen? essay sample

    Lowering the voting age is constantly on the agenda even if it is not quite a popular measure. With every year, the number of the eligible electorate participating in the elections only decreases. In the US presidential elections 2016, the voter turnout has not reached 60 percent. Nearly 95 million of Americans chose… Read More →

Why kids should do volunteer work essay sample

    Volunteering is the activity which reminds us how essential is to give. Running for a bright career prospect or working hard to store money, we accustomed to benefiting ourselves. Treating the others with hostility, people show the wrong example to their children who feel that their own well-being is a foremost priority. It… Read More →

Water conservation in the world essay sample

    The scarcity of fresh water is a real threat, which concerns all users of natural resources on the planet. Most of the world’s water is salt, and the remaining freshwater is frozen in ice caps. Only a minuscule part of all water on the earth can be used for human needs. Scarcity is… Read More →

Watching out for animals when driving essay sample

    Animals may create a dangerous situation on the road which is not always predictable. Deer or elks  jumping across the roads are just as threatening as reckless drivers, bikes, and pedestrians. Even on the highways, it is very likely that a driver will not notice a deer that is about to jump onto… Read More →

Why is it important to use public transport more often? essay sample

    Looking at the overcrowded public transport in the morning, city dwellers cannot believe that their city has so much population. Everybody seems to get to work by bus or metro, so many people public transport contains. However, many more people drive their cars every day so that the traffic becomes difficult for all… Read More →

Textbook prices in the US and what to do about it essay sample

    As soon as another semester begins, students and especially their parents experience an incredible spending. Tuition fee never seemed to drop, which is more, the cost of textbooks practically skyrocket in the last few years. Today it is common to pay $200-400 for a single college textbook which is already terrific for a… Read More →

Shopping at small stores essay sample

  Shopping is one of our everyday habits which directly influences the quality of our life. Consumer’s choices normally determine the variety of products offered by the retailers. Both small shops and large supermarkets analyze the demand and adjust their supply up to it. However, shopping at large and small stores are two different things;… Read More →

Smart ways to share the road with bicycles essay sample

    Annually, hundreds of cyclists die in traffic accidents and thousands of them remain injured. Apparently, such accidents happen because car drivers do not pay much attention to the cyclists in their way and consider that they have a preference on the road. Drivers’ unwillingness to share the road with those who ride along… Read More →

National Endowment for the Arts essay sample

    The National Endowment for the Arts is a federal agency created to fund and promote participation in arts across the US. Thank the activity of the organization, culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse Americans have an equal access to creating and cherishing arts. In the last year, the agency celebrated its fiftieth anniversary and… Read More →

Musical censorship essay sample

    Censorship is a common practice frequently applied to musical works. It happens as the artistic content contradicts moral, political, or religious views shared by social groups. Censorship can be enforced by the authorities or performed voluntarily by the musicians. Applying censorship is a controversial problem that divides the community into those who strive… Read More →

How to get funding for medical research? essay sample

    For the last decades, scientific research including medicine, technology, and climate change was funded by the federal government. Recently, public universities across the US experienced cuts in the research funding, which limits the abilities of new scientists. National scientific foundations and medical institutes also receive grants from the government. Medical research is also… Read More →

Is NASCAR a sport? essay sample

    Perhaps, not all of us have ever thought why driving stock cars is considered to be a sport. Millions of people drive to work and then back home every day, but most of them are far from going in for sports. Daily driving seems to be the most unsporting activity that requires constant… Read More →

Is Astrology real? essay sample

    As a system of predictions, astrology may look appealing to those who has ever received a nice and precise horoscope. The others approach astrologers skeptically and treat their activity as a fraud. Indeed, astrology is a set of beliefs rather than a science if its methods cannot be scientifically proven. Astrology partially takes… Read More →

How to quickly improve time management? essay sample

    Unfortunately, there is no such subject as time management on the high school curricula. As students mature and experience the whole pressure of higher education, they wish a day contained more hours. Trying to complete homework, self-study, and on-campus duties on time, students have rather few opportunities to enjoy parties. Falling asleep in… Read More →

Impact of oil spills in oceans essay sample

    With the current level of industrialization, oil spills occur quite regularly. Millions of gallons of waste oil annually come from land drainage and waste disposal. Offshore drilling also contributes to the global marine pollution as well as ships and tankers that cross the ocean. The largest accidental spill of oil was recorded in… Read More →

Fishing regulations essay sample

    Fishing, as well as hunting, is strictly regulated on the state and federal levels in the US. As the country is the fifth largest producer of fish in the world, certain ramifications for commercial fishing and sportfishing are required. Today, fisheries are regulated by regional fishery management councils and the National Marine Fisheries… Read More →

Donating money to charity essay sample

    Charity is the voluntary intention of altruistic individuals to support those who struggle with poverty and diseases. People who donate regularly overcome their selfishness and confirm that irrespective of our income all of us make up a global community which shares the same values and pursues similar targets.  The culture of donating is… Read More →