The problem of the economic differences among various racial, ethnic groups and differences on the base of being a male or a female essay sample

    Racial and gender inequalities are frequently addressed as a crucial goal for the American society to achieve. In fact, they are critical for many more countries with a much lower GDP per capita, which immediately reflects upon the socioeconomic stability of the population. Living in the country of immigrants, many Americans have different… Read More →

The influence of the technological progress on social and cultural isolation of modern people essay sample

    According to reports of psychologists, Americans became more socially isolated since 1985. As modern technologies developed, people gradually narrowed their social environment. Today, we are no more accustomed to having a small chat with neighbors or visiting distant relatives occasionally. We also have more excuses not to go for a party with colleagues… Read More →

The affect of fashion on every person and the analysis of fashion as an integral part of a personality’s identity essay sample

    Clothes still remain important to people who seek to make a right impression on their community. Our dressing habits convey information about ourselves and the environment which obliges to stick to a certain style. Meeting someone for the first time, people always judge on the outer look of their interlocutor. It generally helps… Read More →

Addiction to online gaming and social networking sites has negative influences on interaction in the workplace and in face-to-face communications essay sample

  Video games and social networks have changed lifestyles in the recent years. The youth started to spend an immense amount of time in a virtual reality, and parents felt helpless about their inability to involve children in other activities. Social networking (which also includes video gaming) brings both positive and negative effects unless it… Read More →

Video games reduce the attention span of children and adults essay sample

  Short attention span in children is no news to modern parents. Kids cannot hold in memory a few sentences that have been just said by the teacher. Adults suspect video games are distracting children so that they become unable to focus on anything but games. According to the recent studies, children who spend more… Read More →

Job satisfaction influences employee turnover rates essay sample

    Employee turnover greatly depends not only on job satisfaction but also on the work environment. As soon as an employee anticipates that their efforts are not properly valued, they start feeling uncomfortable spending the greater part of their life in a hostile environment. Thus, management styles are also involved in job satisfaction. Individuals… Read More →

What are the issues and problems involved in sustainable development? essay sample

    Sustainable development concerns strategies that help to solve environmental and social issues. While traditional solutions contribute to one party by doing damage to the other, sustainable development is friendly for all living beings. The idea of sustainable development appeared decades ago, and the Earth Summit in Brazil, 1992, introduced sustainability as a lifestyle… Read More →

Can we develop critical thinking? essay sample

    At some moment in high school education, students are asked to think critically. While they try to learn and memorize material to reproduce their knowledge, students forget to analyze and draw their own conclusions. These skills are required to get a college degree and become successful in the career. Students can learn how… Read More →

Is critical thinking more important than creative thinking? essay sample

    Critical thinking is an essential cognitive activity, which is important for all people irrespective of their age and occupation. Cognitive skills can be divided into three large groups which are analytical, critical, and creative thinking. They all are indispensable and important at every particular stage of our cognitive activity. Critical thinking is a… Read More →

Can SOPA and PIPA stop pirates? essay sample

    The issue of online piracy is especially painful to artists and content creators. Very few people  are willing to buy a licensed copy of a movie or an album these days when it is so easy to download the same content for free. Apparently, infringing websites are savvy enough, which allows them to… Read More →

Can viral marketing replace all other forms of advertising? essay sample

    Viral marketing is an inventive and crafty business strategy that became popular even before the internet became widely used. It implies promotion of the product through various social channels. Earlier they were limited to the word of mouth, but now they extend to social networks. Viral marketing casts a piece of information such… Read More →

Should global companies adapt to national peculiarities? essay sample

    The main priority of global companies is their orientation on the largest target market possible – the whole world. Thus, the activity of such businesses is comprehensive indeed, as they frequently make some differences for every particular market depending on their geographical peculiarities or ethnicity. But why should they do it if globalization… Read More →

Should we give up cash to save trees? essay sample

    The whole world has experienced a partial transition to electronic transactions which can be conducted in one moment with a single plastic card. They have a range of potent advantages which make people forget about their cash for as long as they can use a debit or credit card. Electronic transactions are easier… Read More →

Should all small businesses have websites? essay sample

    It seems that in the digital age every single business needs some representation on the Internet. But having a closer look at countless small American businesses, we may find out that many of them still function without a website. Some have an account on the social media, the others think they cannot invest… Read More →