Money management and budgeting essay sample

    Wise money management is the ability of individuals to keep up with their current expenses and invest the remaining money. Budgeting is not something that shall be interesting merely to businesses.   Households need to track their expenses to spend responsibly, in the first place. Excessive purchasing is a problem to those who suppose… Read More →

Compound interest essay sample

    If a bank or a person lends a sum of money to anyone, they impose a certain percent of interest to it.  Simple interest refers to the principal sum of loan; it grows with every month or year so that the total simple interest is calculated by adding interests of every period. As… Read More →

Income distribution essay sample

    Income distribution is an essential economic concept that shows where the income of the whole nation goes. It usually concerns the distribution of GDP and results in a disproportionate spread of costs among individuals participating in the economy. Income inequality is measured as a percentage of income opposed to the percentage of the… Read More →

Price control, price ceilings and price floors essay sample

    The free market usually implies certain price control from the government. Regulations are necessary to make goods affordable and slow inflation. Price ceiling and price floors are the maximum and minimum price that can be imposed by businesses. Aimed to benefit certain groups, the means of price control break the balance between the… Read More →

Economic systems essay sample

    Today governments use several economic systems to coordinate market relations within their countries and on the global market. Economists provide various classifications, however, the two major economic systems that evolved first are planned and market economy. Economic systems explain how major processes in the industry and market are regulated. Over the time, different… Read More →

Division of Labor and Specialization essay sample

    Labor specialization is an inevitable part of modern economies. Modern factories are full of workers who concentrate on performing certain operations. Gone are the times when one worker had to perform the whole range of specific tasks to produce goods. The term “division of labor” was coined by Adam Smith in the eighteenth… Read More →

Real, relative, and nominal prices essay sample

    Constantly shifting prices usually make people confused. They cannot figure out the actual value of goods if prices steadily grow or jump up and down. Consumers become even more puzzled if told that a price in terms of money is only a nominal value of the product and it does not always coincide… Read More →

Cost-benefit analysis essay sample

    While making decisions and evaluating projects, we always need a systematic approach to contrast all the advantages and drawbacks. Cost-benefit analysis is this useful tool that can show us whether the input is worth the result. It is frequently used for evaluating non-critical financial decisions. The tool became popular soon after it was… Read More →

How to overcome burnout? essay sample

    However interesting our occupations may be, no one can prevent burnout. It is hard to predict the moment when our passion for work drains: people just become stunned with their inability to perform routine tasks. It was merely a day ago when we felt still enthusiastic about our business, and today we suddenly… Read More →

What is the process of astronauts’ flight preparation? essay sample

    Astronaut is not only an exciting but also a very challenging profession. As NASA missions evolved, an astronaut became not only the person who belongs to the crew of spacecraft. Since the 1970s, they transformed into scientists who targeted at superior academic achievements. Today, NASA distinguishes two types of astronauts – pilots and… Read More →

How to prepare for a job interview to get the position? essay sample

    The necessity to make a good first impression frequently pulls anxiety, especially when we need to impress our potential employers.  The prospect of a job interview can be disturbing even for experienced workers, not even to mention college graduates who are clearly intimidated.  To reduce anxiety, applicants shall check whether they know basic… Read More →

How does tobacco addiction develop? essay sample

    Cigarette addiction is not merely a bad habit – it is a reasonable response of the human body to chemicals that enter its brain. However, this process is simple enough for an average person to understand. Nicotine is released into the blood as tobacco smoke fills the lungs. Within seconds, nicotine reaches our… Read More →

The benefits of the last business tendencies of the global market essay sample

    Popular trends come and go while effective strategies develop and improve. Entrepreneurs try to keep pace with the current tendencies that already proved themselves efficient in business. Development of technology gives new opportunities to those who need to contact more customers and advertise successfully. Therefore, most innovative tools for running business lie in… Read More →

The contemporary vital problems of exhausting the resources of the Pacific Northwest Environment essay sample

    The Pacific Northwest region has always been a unique area with its lush forests. Its population accustomed to benefiting from the abundance of natural resources available in the region. The greatest local industries assure active trade with other regions of the US. Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and mining make people love their nature for… Read More →

The role of UNEP in the world’s monitoring of water, air and land pollution

    As the leading global environmental organization, UNEP pursues several goals concerning environmental protection. The authority tries to minimize effects of the climate change by supporting trends and initiatives which help to cut greenhouse gas emissions. UNEP takes part in the prevention of disasters and conflicts which affect human well-being and exacerbate environmental degradation…. Read More →

The concept of the family as described in Ancient Greek Literature

    As a key concept of numerous nationalities around the world, family is one of the core human values in the Western culture. Both American and European heritage show that our forefathers were concentrated on the integrity and harmony of their families among other important issues of their everyday life. Family is one of… Read More →